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Hotrod Hootenanny 5
Groovy Food - So Uneasy
USS @ S.C.E.N.E Fest 2011
Don't Call Me Bambino
Brian Toye - June 27, 2013
You have done the leg work, written the songs, played the shows, built the fan base and sold the music. It sounds easy putting it into one sentence, but itís very difficult (many try and fail).

Here are some possible things/events/feelings you could encounter on your way to being the type of band a label is looking for:
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Dan Langevin - June 27, 2013
As Canadians we are taught to be humble and to make due with what you have, this is to make you strong and adaptable. While trying to over come the odds how ever you will be forced to work with all sorts of people. However one day, you'll wake up and begin to HEAR things differently. Negative communication, or the "Time" wasters as they're also known as!
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