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A Guy on a Soapbox

Ben Krawec
March 23, 2011

This article is going to be relatively short and sweet as I lost all my notes from the show and had to do this whole thing by memory. Which I guess is A-OK, because that means this article is only going to include the most memorable features of the show. The lineup featured Live Animal Sex, Jackin your Swagger and Heads As Trophies. Tyrant Angel was supposed to be there as well but didn't quite make it for some reason. Their absence threw a bit of a wrench into Mr. Weaver's plan but all in attendance definitely had a good time regardless of the chaos. Live Animal Sex rocked faces off as usual. The editor has explicitly told me that reviewing the same bands over and over is silly unless I discover any significant news about them. Good news: Live Animal Sex still sounds like the soundtrack to a wicked awesome chainsaw fight between two seriously deviant serial killers. They always play a memorable show and seeing them is still definitely worth far more than the meager cost of a ticket.

Jackin Your Swagger is an incredibly interesting band to listen to. They definitely have a unique style that's difficult to describe as anything but eclectic and incredibly artistic. The incredibly artistic often sails way over my head so I found it difficult to get into some of their songs. The audience reaction in general was never anything but enthusiastically positive though, so I'm going to assume that other people may get something out of their music that I did not. Despite this, I still got a LOT of pleasure from more than a few of their songs, especially Swagger Blues, which is available for listening on their Myspace. It sounds significantly better live than the recording online, so you may have to take my word for it. Which you better, because I'm a published music blogger with a company email and everything and therefore I'm qualified to tell you what to like and what not to like. If I wasn't then the internet police would force me off of cyberspace and revoke my keyboard privileges. My own personal musical tastes aside, Jackin Your Swagger had incredible showmanship. The singer was very adept at setting a fun and humourous mood, using jokes and funny comments to get the crowd good and riled up. If you have a taste for the abstract then seeing Jackin Your Swagger is definitely a good choice.

Heads As Trophies finished the night off with an all instrumental set. I have a tendency to get bored during lengthy sets without lyrics, especially when I'm listening to progressive, but Heads As Trophies kept me entertained all the way through to the point where I called for an encore along with everybody else in the audience. Their sound has a LOT of personality. While I find that a lot of instrumental bands have a tendency to get repetitive after a few minutes they had a remarkable way of keeping the audience guessing. Their music is riddled with subtle nuances and nifty riffs that take your ears completely by surprise. Heads As Trophies play a richly intellectual brand of metal that is a refreshing change from what the Niagara Scene tends to offer. I would love to see them have an influence on the sounds that come from our region and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for their next show.

This article was brought to you by Benjamin Krawec and far more coffee than should be consumed at the hour of this writing.