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FEFE DOBSON @ Barracuda Pretty

Victoria Blair
March 29, 2011

Imagine Barracuda Pretty filled with a mostly female crowd of overexcited children and teenagers, all waiting to see their favorite idol: Fefe Dobson. It's with that audience that the local band, I Got The Girl, started their set. They sounded poppy and emo at the same time. Their songs were upbeat and the young band set off a teenager's vibe, which the crowd responded very well to. Their drummer was a teenage girl with amazing talent, her drums solos blew us all away and got a lot of cheers. The lead singer had a good presence on stage. He sang love songs to some of the fans in the front row, inches from their faces, making them blush, and addressed to the public every now and then. The band as a whole seemed to lack professionalism and personality though. They need to work on their act and interact with the crowd a little bit more and earn people's undivided attention. Although the public was mainly waiting for Fefe to come out and sing, they managed to get screams of excitement and applauds of the first few rows of people.

These Kids Wear Crowns really surprised me. The hip hop/rock band from Chilliwack seemed very down to earth, smiling at the crowd and dancing with them. They remind me of Black Eyed Peas with their dynamic. The six boys even interpreted a Whitney Houston song : "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", it got everyone singing along and dancing. The melody was edgier then the original but beautiful all the same. The lead singer gave quite a show, dancing like Bon Jovi on stage. I can't quite put my finger on what kind of music seems to influence them, all I know is that they seem to like classics and express their individuality in each and everyone of their songs. The quality of the visual effects surprised me a little. Their lighting was perfect, everyone could see the band clearly and there was even some cool red and green lasers coming from either side of the drummer, lighting up the stage. They will be playing in Thunder Bay on March 30th at Lakehead University.

When TKWC finished their set, the anticipation grew within the now humongous crowd (Barracuda Pretty was filled and every single head was turned towards the stage) until Fefe Dobson appeared from the right corner of the stage wearing a big black floppy sunhat and sunglasses as camouflage. The three men band (bass, guitar and drums) started playing right away and she threw away her accessories and got to dancing, showing us her punkish attitude everyone loves so much. Maybe it's the way she moves, her style or the lyrics she uses but she is definitely sending off a more rebellious vibe. As the show went on, she joked around with the crowd and shared some of her favorite songs with us. She alternated between ballads and livelier performances, keeping everyone's attention at a ten out of ten. To everyone's delight she performed "Take Me Away" and "Bye Bye Boyfriend", popular songs from her previous album (self titled Fefe Dobson). It seems like she dabbled in a lot of different musical styles in her first album and she ditched the poppy and dance songs and kept the punkish pieces she liked. She mainly sang songs from her new album "Joy", such as "Ghost", "Watch Me Move" and "Stuttering". She reinforced her Rockstar image and personality and even performed a country song, accompanying herself with the acoustic guitar.

Her style has changed that's for sure. She somehow looks younger then when she first started and her outfits are a lot less colorful, her personality on the other hand, is more vibrant and true. Her style has a little something rebellious to it. Fefe is from Toronto which is why she is promoting her new album "Joy" with a Canadian Tour! The moral of this story is check out These Kids Wear Crowns because they have a very promising future and Fefe Dobsons' new and old albums just because it'll put you in a good mood.

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