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Julie JD - Self Promotions

Julie JD
March 29, 2011

When being an independent artist you must be able to market yourself. This week I have got some tips. All though it is recommended that you not take on all the responsibility of marketing because artists should spend more time working on music then they do business.

So the basic Marketing Mix consists of the four P's. They are product, place, price and promotion. Product should always be first and promotion should be the last thing on the list otherwise you will just be promoting garbage. Keeping in mind of the previous tip, artists should be spending most of their time on the music, and good music can promote itself. A good thing to keep in mind is that someone has to make a profit. In a musicians case, it would be the venue you are performing at. It is not enough just to be able to draw a crowd, but that crowd must generate a profit for the venue.

I have mentioned before in previous blogs that sometimes it's good to distance yourself from your music because it is a product, but it's not just the music that gets promoted. It is also you yourself and that is why people are always concerned about their image. There are two ways to develop your product. They are develop your product then find a market or find a market then develop your product. This pretty much means you write your music and find people to play to or you decide who your target market would be and then develop your music based on just that. Most musicians and bands do this without even realizing they have.

I have a few do's and don'ts when it comes to promotion. Embrace technology. There are so many websites out there that you can use to promote yourself like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Linkedin. If you use any of these, you must make it look professional. If you are serious about being an artist you must portray just that with your profiles. Do not put a web cam video on YouTube, you will brand yourself as an amateur. Same goes for personal photos and biographies. It pays to pay someone else to do that for you but also like I have mentioned in previous blogs you can just visit a local school and find a intern to do it for you for free.

- Julie JD -