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Defence Mechanism

Joel Barnhart
April 05, 2011

I'm sure that anyone who has read my articles has figured out that I'm a bit of a music snob. I pride myself on listening to a wide variety of music, and for this reason, I like to cover bands from as many different genres as possible. So when I found out that there was an 80's style electronic/industrial band playing, I jumped at the opportunity to cover it, as there aren't very many similar bands in the region. I even had to ask another GamePlan writer who was there if I could cover the show, which she kindly acquiesced.

The show was at City Lights, a bar and restaurant downtown. This was a fitting venue, as they host a goth night there on the first Saturday of every month called After Dark. The show was recorded and shown on screens with a video set up by Kyle Greer, to great effect.

After the show, I spoke with Daniel X, who agreed to do an email interview with me. He forwarded the questions to Paul K, the electronic drummer and longest standing member of the band with Daniel, so I was able to get responses from both members.

GP: When did you guys get together?

DX: I can't recall the exact date that the band started, but it was in late
2003 at some point. I used to record our practices on cassette tape and
the earliest one I have is labeled Jan 14th, 2004.
So let's go with January 2004 as the "official" starting date of the band.

PK: Got together somewhere around 2003/2004.

GP:Who are your main influences?

DX: My main influences are obviously rooted in 80's electronic music.
Tears For Fears and Information Society had a big impact on me as a kid.
In fact seeing the video for "What's On Your Mind?" by Information
Society when I was 7 years old was pretty much what started my love
affair with electronics, and weirdness. Though tame by today's
standards, seeing the singer with cool hair and a suit, with people
playing big cut out instruments behind him was pretty intense to me! haha.
Fad Gadget, The Twins, Information Society, Skinny Puppy, Japan,
Download, Trans-X, Men Without Hats, John Foxx, Ultravox, Gary Numan,
Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Einsturzende Neubauten, Tears For Fears,
Thomas Dolby, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, OMD, Cabaret Voltaire, Devo.
And some modern genres like Electro-House, Progressive-House, Nu-Disko,
and Electroclash.

PK: Main influences are pretty much any good band that came out in the 80's
mixed in with some more modern industrial acts such as Numb, Project
Pitchfork, etc.

GP: Other than Invasion of the Robot Brains From Planet Zero, do you have
any other albums?

DX: We have one other full-length release; "A Shameful Display of Superior
Intelligence", released 2006 on Pink Skull Records (a now defunct local

GP: Have any of you been in any other bands?

DX: I've always been in a "band" or project of some sort. Before Defence
Mechanism I was making and releasing music solos, under various guises
such as Klinikal Klock Seduktion and [Jesus:Fetus]. I was also in a
short lived but fun band with some other locals named Soma Eterna. More
of a post-punk thing though.

I'm currently a member of a number of other projects. MDM (guitar and
co-writing), Wretchedpain (keyboards), From Planet X(everything),
Necromancer's Union (guitar, bass, synths, vocals, songwriting) and
Glass Apple Bonzai (everything). There are a few other projects in the
works too, but nothing recorded yet.

PK: I used to be in a horrible band (to be left unnamed) back in the early
90's as well as a horror punk band called The Subspecies from 1997 til around

Defence Mechanism will be touring to promote their new album, Invasion of the Robot Brains From Planet Zero, and you can check them out at:
Defence Mechanism