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King and Academy

Joel Barnhart
April 05, 2011

Hey, so, remember the 90's? Remember 90's music? And remember how awesome (most of it) was? King and Academy (the band, not the intersection) does!

King and Academy is a new band from St. Catharines, but the members, Eric Hutt, Mike Wale and Matt "Matty P" Perron, have been in the local scene for over a decade, in bands such as The Strange and The Amazing Flying Hammer Brothers.

Modeled after the happier side of 90's rock, they have a sound reminiscent to bands like Gin Blossoms and Presidents of the United States of America. Their music is all about fun; no artsy pretension, no angst, just good times. And honestly, as much as I love artsy pretentious, angsty music, I also have a place in my heart for the kind of happy 90's rock I
grew up with.

I knew two members of the band prior to it's inception, Matty and Mike, and they mentioned to me that they were playing the bar under my apartment, which honestly, I would have missed if I hadn't managed to get out of work early. I'm glad I made it though, because it was awesome.

The POE opened for them, a hip hop act featuring a dancing 'bipolar bear'. I wasn't able to see that show, because I had some stuff to do in my apartment first, but I could hear it and they were pretty solid.

I made it downstairs when King and Academy started their set, not really knowing what to expect, having not heard them prior to that. Among some original songs, including "Pieces" (which you can hear on their website), they did some great covers, which included Where is My Mind, by the Pixies, I Predict a Riot, by the Kaiser Chiefs, and The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret by Queens of the Stoneage.

Solid original tracks and solid covers, along with a great stage presence, and silly banter, made for a great show, that I'd absolutely see again.

As is the usual, you can check these guys out at