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Julie JD - Persistance

Julie JD
April 04, 2011

There comes a time where every artist has to ask themselves, how far are you willing to go? I'm not talking about distance, but how far you're willing to push yourself. In the music business competition is fierce. You need to create value for yourself, that will make you stand out from the rest of the artists. How do you do that you may ask? Persistence. You have to tell yourself that when you fail it is not the end, instead it is just an obstacle you must overcome. Thomas Edison re-invented the light bulb ten thousand times and when people told him he could not do it he refused and said he could and now entire cities are lit up by his invention. This may not have anything to do with music but the idea is the same. You should step back look at why you failed and be able to learn from your mistakes. If you are turned down by a venue, step back and ask yourself why? Put yourself in their position, maybe you forgot your demo or you failed to mention about a show you sold out or even your credentials are not properly listed. You need to admit to yourself that changes need to be made, then you must take the necessary steps to make them.

Like a figure skater, when they fall in the middle of a performance they get back up and keep on going and sometimes they end up winning in the end even after a fault. Joannie Rochette fell at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games in the middle of her performance and walked away with a Bronze Medal. Failure is part of the process, some of the most successful people have failed the most. Babe Ruth has the most home runs, but he also has the most amount of strike outs. Face it, if it comes easy it's really not worth doing. When things get there toughest it usually means your on the brink of success so let your passion drive you and your dreams inspire you and don't let people sh*t in your head.

- Julie JD -