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Classified @ Barracuda Pretty

Victoria Blair
April 07, 2011

The tickets were sold out even though they were 50$ a piece. As time passed, the barely promoted event got fans desperate for a ticket and ready to pay as much as 100$ to get in the show. There was no question as to whether it was worth it or not, the tickets could have sold for much more.

As a matter of fact, KaYo, a new sensation from St. Lucia, warmed up the crowd nicely and set the bar pretty high for the other artists. Apparently, he was on his first tour but that was hard to believe considering the amount of girls that were swaying to the sound of his smooth voice. He's not only a rapper but also a singer, making his music more full and balanced. After his set he partied with the crowd until it was time for him to go back on stage. DJ IV was at the back of the stage for KaYo, J Bru and Classified of course, mixing and blending beats.

With heavy base, J Bru was the next M.C. to entertain the crowd. He had a deeper voice but flowed like Big Pun. His lyrics were funny, like his song about men's undying love for sneakers (who would've known) and he was interacting with the crowd a lot. He spit some rhymes with KaYo at one point which made his set more diversified and interesting.

Next up, Kids in The Hall, a band from Chicago was in Saint Catharines for the first time also. Their songs were energizing and colourful. By the end of their set, Barracuda Pretty was filled with less then sober fans, tensed with anticipation for the main
event : Classified.

As soon as Classified showed up on stage, the screams were so loud he squinted from the noise as if he was facing a roaring fire! Instead of the typical "I can't hear you!" generic pep talk artists generally use, all he said was a genuine: "Yo Saint Catharines, you're F*****g LOUD!" In response to that, the fans screamed even louder. After all, he did go on tour with the Wu Tang Clan and Nas and recorded with basically everyone, from Maestro Fresh Wes to Joel Plaskett.

ďAll I have to say is I've never gone to a show that the cheers were so loud that my ear drums were cutting in and out and you could feel the floor shaking.. No music, just cheers. Go St.Catharines!"
- Dan Langevin -

Though on a Monday, Classified asked us to party like a Friday and that's just what we did. He performed with his brother (don't know his name, sorry), J Bru and KaYo. Everyone sang along to "Oh Canada", "The Maritimes" and "Classy". Two lucky fans even got on stage and spit some rhymes with classified before being pushed off the stage by J Bru for some solid body surfing. Halfway through the night, DJ IV played a bunch of top nineties hip hop tunes that the rappers on stage had the pleasure to cover for us, sending the crowd into a dancing frenzy. At some point the AC should've kicked in or someone should've at least cracked a window or opened a door. The heat was making the crowd faintish and sluggish. It didn't stop anyone from raising the roof though.

The lighting of the stage was pretty cool with unusual colors like fiery oranges and neon pastels. At some point, J Bru took out a joint, the whole stage went green and, out of nowhere, the artists were wrapped in smoke. Although there was some talk about drunkenness and drugs, it was all in good spirits and there was nothing but good feelings all around. Gorgeous girls were dancing on tables or anything above ground level, guys were enjoying the view and the security was tight.

Gonz Productions seems to be attracting big names in Saint Catharines and giving the town shine and excitement. I'll be talking more about that next week so stay tuned.


Kids In The Hall

J Bru

- Victoria Blair -