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Shad @ L3

Victoria Blair
April 12, 2011

Keys 'N Krates were impressive DJs. The eclectic crowd had no problem feeling their rhythm and dancing to the beat. Instead of waiting for the main event to go on stage, everyone gathered at the third floor of L3 to enjoy the young talent from Toronto. Although the siren sounds they used was way too loud and got some people to plug their ears, I enjoyed all their songs. They had a old school feel to them, mixing melodies that sounded like they were from a Rick James song with some Basement Jaxx and even remixing The Bitter Sweet Symphony from The Verve. Although some of the original tracks they used were very different from what the crowd usually listened to, I heard someone say while he was dancing: "I hate this song [Bitter Sweet Symphony] but I can't help myself". It seems like Keys 'N Krates use their talent to bring all sort of music genres together.

Shad was really something else. Winner of the Juno Award for Rap Recording of the Year 2011, his style reminds me of K-os with an old school hip hop feel to it. No light show, no special effects, just Shad, DJ TLO and their bassist. That was more then enough to entertain all of us. Shad was spitting his rhymes to the sea of fans that flooded L3, giving a piece of his wisdom and motivation to anyone who needed it. His bold rhymes stunned a crowd that was already in awe to begin with. The bassist got everyone feeling the groove and even impressed Shad with his sweet solos. The beat to the Rose Garden song DJ TLO created got a strong positive reaction from the fans. The set seemed to fly by and for the encore, Shad treated us to some freestyling before his crew joined him for the last song of the night.

A couple of local celebrities attended the show: Jaimie Godard, Jacob Bergsma and the KAC to name only a few. There was also free samples, key chains and earphones, curtsey of Shad’s sponsor, Scion, which made everyone even happier.

Black Magic Movement was the first to raise the roof at the show, The Barnhart Blog is going to cover them soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

I guess all I have left to say is that GamePlanPros is proud to have made Shad's first music video, Rock To It! So go check it out!

Black Majik Movement

Keys 'N Krates



- Victoria Blair -