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I Got The Girl

Victoria Blair
April 26, 2011

I Got The Girl, a punk/pop band from the Niagara Region, consists of five teenagers: Jesse Boulay (guitar), Zach Coull (bass), Andre Dupuis (rhythm guitar/vocals), Sam Villeneuve (drums) and Andrew Goodwin (vocals). Andrew accepted to represent the band for this interview. Here is how those young artists started out.

Andrew Goodwin and Zach Coull, had formed a heavy metal screamo band called Reverence in November 2009. "[..]things were not working out" says Andrew. They needed a guitarist and a drummer, that's when Jesse incorporated his sound to the band. All that was missing was a drummer. Overlooking the "don't date the band" rule, Sam, Jesse's girlfriend at the time added her own rhythm to what is now I Got The Girl. The romantic relationship did not last but the existing bonds of friendship were strong and the band survived, closer then ever. What about Andre though?

"Andre Dupuis filled in one day as a temp on guitar and then never left, the chemistry fit so perfectly that everything stayed the same from there on out."

None of the members had ever been in a serious band before, they just jammed and enjoyed playing music with a group of friends. "When we were first starting out we were freaking terrible!" Fortunately, they quickly got better at doing what they loved. It came to the point where people enjoyed listening to them so much that no one could deny their talent.

"They have not yet reached the height of their creativity!" - A Fan-

"We are always improving and will always look for that way to get better."

Inspired by their life experiences and the energy the fans give back at their live shows, the band is constantly writing new songs together. "[..]covers are always fun to throw in once in a while. Covers in my opinion are a lot harder to do than originals because you have to find something that is in your genre or can be made into your genre, make it your own [..] this can be very challenging at times!"

They are influenced by Cancer Bats, Mayday Parade and.. say Hedley! "[..]I think our greatest achievement is getting to work with producer/singer/songwriter Tommy Mac of Hedley."

That's right, Tommy is producing their new album this summer. "There is something cooking in the kitchen and it smells freaking amazing!" The six song EP will be a mesh of newer fresher songs and older ones that the fans love to sing.

At 16, that's not their only achievement. They also have opened for Canadian artists such as Fefe Dobson and Marianas Trench. According to Andrew, there is no greater feeling then to have a room full of people singing one of your creations back at you. I think he's got a point.

"We are an independent band which means everything from booking and management to recording [..] is done by us. We have yet to be offered a record deal or a contract and to be honest we don't care if we ever get offered one. We are going to make it in the music industry some way or another. [..] We would much rather work our a**es off day in and day out for years and have it pay off than take the quick route to fame."

Practice makes perfect and IGTG practices a lot, working around everyone's work and school schedule, the band put as much time as they can into their music. Although, for high school students, school comes first for now, music is close second in the list of priorities.

"Writing a song is very time consuming because you have to get it as tight as possible before you play it for an audience. We will play it sometimes 50-100 times before we play it live for the first time. Some songs take a while to actually write while others hit you right away, writing can't be a forced thing. You can't just sit down and say it's time to write, it has to come natural or else you get crap as your end result. Every song is forever changing, you get the skeleton of the song and change it probably 50 times before you play it for the first time. Then you do pre-production for the recording and change it even more and sometimes, after you record it, you find a new way to do it that is more exciting and you change it again. Playing the same song over and over can sometimes get boring so as a musician you are always looking for ways to make it more exciting for you because if you are bored then the crowd will be bored as well."

"We are so grateful to have a local fan-base that is always growing and we never want to miss an opportunity to thank our fans for the support weather it be a ticket purchase or t-shirt. Every single one is great and we can honestly say we do have the best friends/family/and fans in the world supporting us!"

"We do have a variety of merch which we are even currently expanding. We have girls t-shirts, unisex t-shirts, posters and key chains and of course the stage worn underwear of the band members, just kidding. [...] The saying "Pull up your pants" which is on the unisex t-shirt was an inside joke that rapidly spread. Everyone constantly tells me to pull up my pants and we decided that it would be kind of sarcastic/hypocritical to tell other people to do it and so we put it on a shirt."

With their foot in the music industry's door, it looks like they are ready to make their mark.
"We are hoping to play this years S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival in St.Catharines, record in July then maybe a fall tour to support that EP. Being in school [..] it is hard to find time to tour but we assure our fans there will be something sooner than later in the way of a tour. Our goal as a band is not to take the fast track to success it is just to make music that we enjoy playing and that our fans love as well."

IGTG promises to play energy filled shows and promises to never disappoint there fans.

"We just have to make sure we stay focused and keep having fun, the day we stop having fun with it is the day we stop playing music."

- Victoria Blair -
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