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Gonz Productions

Victoria Blair
May 24, 2011

In my opinion, Gonz Productions is one of the best booking agencies in town. Jason Di Leo, A.K.A. Gonz is the face of the company. Not only does he work with big names like The Johnstones and Cypress Hill but the atmosphere and crowd he attracts are always synonym of a good time. Jason was born and raised in Saint-Catharines. Actually, his business grew very fast in a short period of time.

"I started five years ago on an idea for a parting show for my buddies band and also a memory show for my late friend. After that I did three years at Port Mansion which I did three stages, one venue for a low price. I booked many Niagara acts and out of town acts with some small known bands at the time (illScarlett, Marianas Trench, The Johnstones..etc..)"

"I knew when I started I had to do everything and for me I love all types of music so I did shows as a mix of styles that would work together. My main types of show was Rock, Hip Hop, DJs, Folk, Acoustic, Dance, Punk. I did not do much of Metal or Screamo." Of course, Metal and Screamo are Hardcore Warrior's specialty!

Jason now works as a hair dresser at Renaissance Salon and he promotes his company through the salon. He manages its website which is affiliated with Gonz Productions. "I am their promotion/inventory manager that handles everything to run the salon. I am also a graduate of their Ezone School Academy and I now perform chemical straightening, color and styling on clients. [..] My new career in the hair industry was a new path that was
presented to me and they were well aware of my passion. After some time discussing we decided to work on these events together to achieve large acts. Renaissance is a great supporter of Gonz and these events market to a new clientele for Renaissance." That would be the artists and the fans stopping by to get pampered.

"I am proud to have worked with Marianas Trench, Faber Drive, illScarlett, Hedley, Justin Nozuka, Street Pharmacy, Classified, and so many more. [...] I am able to book acts like this cause of the relationship I have built with their booking agents, for example Agency Group and Feldman Group. They have seen me grow from small shows to large shows. I feel they believe that they trust their acts to have a great show and I treat their artist
exceptionally well." and in doing so, Jason is putting Saint-Catharines on the map. After all, he only moves on to bigger and better things. "At the moment I am doing a Fathers Day Rat Pack tribute show as a different market. There is also Cypress Hill [!] coming to Barracuda Pretty on July 30th and of course S.C.E.N.E. Fest at end of June." I wonder what the future of Gonz Productions has in store for us.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

"I am working on a major concert in the Niagara area that will be outdoor to cater to 5,000 people. Lots of work to do and I hope to do it for this October or next year." Apparently this project is top secret. The details are to be revealed sometime this week. Check the website for more info.

How can we contact you?

"I can be contacted through and e-mailed at"

-Victoria Blair-
Renaissance Salon