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Getting Along

Julie JD
May 31, 2011

There is a major problem when forming a band. Most people are so eager to start playing and get out there that they invite anyone who can play an instrument. But it's not always about who can play what. When finding a band member you should have an audition as well as inviting them afterwards to hang out. This will not only help you know how well they play but how they get along with everyone afterwards.

So you've found people who play well and get along, How do you stay along? Well you've got to keep your band and friendship separate. When it's music time you're not goofing around, you're doing what's best as a band. When a guy makes a suggestion about your playing, it's about you're playing, not him sleeping with your girlfriend. Which brings me to another point. Don't sleep with your band mates significant other. Besides that obvious one, keep the lines of communication open between band mates. Be gently honest with each other. And why not have everyone in the band be open about improvement. A little constructive criticism. Have everyone write a list at the beginning of each practice on what they think the band needs to work on. It can be anything from stage presence to specific parts of songs. And as you guys work on them cross them off the list. Then after a hard practice have some down time together and hang out. Unwind from the hardships of practice. Arrange a time to hang out all together, go see some other local bands, go to parties, grab some food or even go on a road trip - may I suggest the Rock and Roll hall of fame?

Then it comes to shows. Arrive together. Unload and set up together. It's not only good for your image as a band but the relationship between you. It helps you guys practice working together for the same goal.

- Julie JD -

Note from Editor: Team work is something that has to be built, refined and protected!