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RedD Monkey

Victoria Blair
May 31, 2011

RedD Monkey

Honestly, RedD Monkey is one of the strangest bands I have ever heard. The name of the band itself is very different and the fact that there is a cellist in the band takes it to the other side of sanity completely. As you probably did not guess, unless you heard them before, RedD Monkey is a ballsy alternative punk band. I strongly recommend them if you want to hear something spunky and different. Their creative songs are injected with small doses of heaviness which makes them sound like the fine line between genius and crazy ( if such a line made a sound). Steve Mozarowski is the guitarist and lead singer, Pete Mozarowski rocks his cello and is the backup singer, and Joe Bumbacco is the drummer. I think the cello adds a little something rebellious to it considering it's a fairly uncommon instrument for a band. I had the opportunity to interview Pete. This is how it went.

V.B.: Any band members been in another band before?

P.M.: Steve fronted Smeltzer (based in Sault Ste. Marie), with our original drummer, for several years before RedD Monkey was formed. He also had a (pretty lame) band called Eugene Versus the World, which featured about six different drummers at various times, and a mic stand made from a broomstick jammed into a road cone.

Pete plays with several other bands when practice time permits. He rocks out pretty severe with Sault locals the Night Owl Meme Makers, and formerly was part of the Sault Youth Symphony. Joe played with a metal band called Devastation of the Heavens (or DOTH) before he realized that metal sucked. He was also one third of The Fury, a now mostly defunct Sault based pop-punk band, that sang about such enticing ventures as @nal and phone sex.

V.B.: What are your previous albums?

P.M.: We put out our first and (currently) only album, Thought Control Tower, in 2010. It was independently produced. It's kind-of funny, before we finished the album our manager thought we were planning on titling it “Doctor Troll Tower”, due to a strange mishearing in a loud venue. We're planning on independently recording what will probably be a mostly live album sometime in the coming year.

V.B.: Where can we buy your album?

P.M.: At any show we play, or through any of the band members personally. We're generally ready to hawk our wares!

V.B.: Do you have merch?

P.M.: Yep! Steve and our manager/soundwoman Meagan happen to be pro silk screeners, assuming “pro” means drinking beer in red-lighted laundry rooms with hand-made screens and a lot of cut up cardboard boxes. All of our shirts are made independently, and we're working on making stickers. We've also got hand-made shirts with the zombie face of one of the Sault's posthumous former mayors, with the word “RE-ELECT” available; it's
in fairly (rad) bad taste.

V.B.: What is your biggest achievement?

P.M.: Well, we'll be heading out on our third cross-country tour this month, which we think is a pretty awesome achievement. Releasing our first album was also a big achievement.

V.B.: How far do you want to push your career?

P.M.: As far as we can! We're pushing it pretty hard already, considering how much we put into it on a regular basis. We bought a bus recently, and fixing that up is pretty much pushing our patience as much or more than it could possibly push our career. Hah.

V.B.: What direction is it taking?

P.M.: Pretty much the same direction as most bands, I'd say; forward, and then a little sideways, and then horizontal, backwards a bit, and then slightly forward. In other words, it's hard to say at any given point.

V.B.: What are your projects?

P.M.: As I mentioned earlier, our main project at the moment is getting our bus fixed up, and all of our newer, sautered-together, Frankenstein-esque sound equipment together and working. We'll start our live album sometime in the coming year. We've also got shirts to screen, shows to play, babies to kick, and faces to melt.

V.B.: Any upcoming gigs?

P.M.: Quite a few, actually. We'll be heading to Southern Ontario this coming weekend, then out west in mid-June. Check out our Myspace [below] for tour dates in your area! Once those dates are found, come to us, rock out, maybe shotgun some beer and buy some merch. If you're in a band, and you see a date in your area, try to jump on a bill! The more bands we know in more places, the better.

- Victoria Blair -
RedD Monkey