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Joel Barnhart
June 07, 2011

I'm sure all (ha!) of my readers (pfft) recall the review of Gimme That Flow and subsequent interview with the song's writer J Shiltz. Anyone who read that is bound to have figured out that I'm a huge fan of his work. But you know what? He's only half of why I like the track so much. The other half come thanks to producer/beatsmith Lancecape, who was kind enough to sit down and have an interview with me. That is to say, he was kind enough to reply to my emails.

GP: So first off, I'd like to thank you for agreeing to the interview. One
thing that struck me was the name Lancecape. Where did that come from?
Does it have any special meaning?

LC: Lance is actually my middle name. It was probably back in 95 when the
name was created. Lancecape itself doesn't really have any special meaning
to it. Our "landscapes" are always growing and evolving. So I guess it sort
of just derived from that.

GP: How long have you been in the hip hop scene? How did you get started?

LC: I have loved Hip Hop as far back as I can remember. Back in public
school I use to rap with Nish Raawks. We use to make pause tapes and loop
certain instrumentals that we recorded off the radio to make songs over. I
was never much of a public speaker, so I decided to take on DJing. I started
scratching and beat juggling. Was not too bad at it, But then Korry Deez and
Black Cat (Irs) bought a keyboard sampler. They showed me how to use it.
From there I pretty much just wanted to make beats. 15 years later, all I
want to do is make beats. Guess some things never change.

GP: How did you meet J Shiltz? How was it to work with him on Gimme That

LC: I met Shiltz through my homie Grimace Love. Grim was featured on
"Louder". A Shiltz track produced by Kev Brown. Grimace mentioned that I
should get the acapella to do a remix. So I put together a nice remix to the
song, and now we got about 4 tracks together.

GP: Who are some other artists you've collaborated with?

LC: I am part of The Mighty Monolith. My crew is about 10 emcee's deep. So
they keep me very busy. I was lucky enough to land a placement on Frank N
Dank's "Extended Play 3.13" album. I produced the track "What Up" which they
made their lead single. I also landed a placement on Cannibus & Keith
Murray's "Undergods" EP. I still don't know what happened, but I never
received the production credit for it. So not too many people know I
produced a song on their EP. The song is called "Rise Of The Machine". I
have also worked with a few other local dudes. Most of which was never

GP: Who are some artists you'd like to collaborate with?

LC: There are so many people I could list. I want to make music, and I love
everything from Rock, Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, House etc...It would actually be
easier for me to list the people I wouldn't want to work with. Just cause
I'm an asshole like that. I will just keep my mouth shut for now though.

GP: Are you a Star Wars guy or a Star Trek guy, and why?

LC: LOL! Are you asking me this question, cause you already know I'm a Star
Wars guy?! I cant stand Star trek. People always think it's weird cause they
don't understand how I can like Star Wars and not like Star Trek. There is a
huge difference between them both. I love Star Wars so much that I have
pretty much memorized all 6 movies and bought a replica Light Saber. I don't
go to Star Wars festivals or secretly dress up like Darth Vader or anything.
I am a fan though.

GP: On average, how long does it take you to create a beat?

LC: I always take my time with my beats. It all depends on how creative I
feel at the moment. I have had those days where I have made 3 beats in a
day, and sometimes making one may take 4 days. I'm definitely not the "make
20 beats in a day" type of producer. I'm way too picky and would rather make
1 banger instead of having 20 half ass beats to play for people.

GP: Where do you find your inspiration?

LC: A lot of my inspiration comes from stuff I think is wack. When I hear
some bullshit it makes me angry. I'm the type of producer that makes
aggressive beats (mainly what I'm known for). So when I hear some fluffy,
wack, Hip Pop type of shit thats when the monster comes out of me. Obviously
not all my influences are wack based. I grew up on Primo, Pete Rock, Erick
Sermon, Dr Dre, Dilla, Madlib etc...I studied all their production styles
and want to be the perfect blend of them all.

GP: What sort of hardware and software to you use for creating your music?

LC: Up until about 2 years ago I was using the same equipment I learned on.
Was a Casio Fz-1 (26 second mono keyboard sampler) and an Atari 1040 st
running Cubase 2.0. In this day and age it was very limited using that
stuff. So now I got my midi keyboard and my Macbook running Logic.

GP: Growing up, who were some of your favourite recording artists?

LC: I would have to say Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown,
George Clinton, Marvin Gaye, Issac Hayes, Bob Marley, EPMD, Tribe Called
Quest, Leaders Of The New School, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Kid N Play
etc...This list could go on forever.

GP: Who do you think would win in a fight? Bugs Bunny or Yakko from

LC: HAHAHA! I dunno. I think it would be a pretty lame fight. Bugs Bunny
was pretty crafty, but I think Yakko would take it.

GP: I saw on the site your teaser mix is hosted on that you had an upcoming
release? Do you have any more info on that?

LC: Yeah I am finally going to release something. I don't have an exact
date yet. I get so busy working with a lot of other peoples stuff. It's hard
for me to find the time to just focus on my own thing. Just know that it's
coming and I won't leave anyone disappointed.

GP: What's next on the agenda? Have any projects lined up for the future?

LC: Besides dropping my project I have projects in the works with Nish
Raawks, Grimace Love, Korry Deez. I produced a couple tracks for HighDEF.
Got some stuff in the works with my fam Smashbrovaz. This next dude Element
will be getting a zip folder in his email. I have a bunch of stuff coming
out that will hopefully boost the anticipation for my own album. All in all
I'm keeping myself pretty busy.

So there you have it, ladies and gentleman, the second half of Gimme That Flow. If you haven't heard that track, you can check it below.

and give his teaser a listen at
Gimme That Flow