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To Band or not to Band?

Julie JD
June 07, 2011

Two heads are better then one, but then again if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. To be in a band or not be in a band that is the question. Well, really it can go either way. Every artist has a decision to make, should they join other people or remain by themselves.

Being solo isn't so bad. There are no scheduling conflicts (unless you book yourself twice), you don't have to worry about getting along with others, and you have complete control over everything. But then you have complete control over everything. That means, updating your site, songs and pictures, writing songs, promoting yourself, booking shows, networking, recording, it goes on. It is completely possible, a lot of indie artists manage it on their own, but then again they may hire people to help them out.
A band could take off the work load. Members could be in charge of different things and it would be easier to reach the top, granted that everyone pulls their weight. But if you followed my advice from last week, you won't have just anybody in your band, you'd have people who play well and are all dedicated.

When it comes to writing songs, it could make all the difference having others to give you feedback. Not just your friends and family, but others whose reputation rely on how good the song is. It could be very helpful to have another's opinion, maybe there is a better chord progression or some words that just don't fit right. Being in a band can also be more fun, because then you're not always on your own, you have people you can lean on to get through to a tough crowd, or survive on a road trip, given you all get along great. But then there are always the conflicts.

What it really comes down to, is the type of music you want to play. If you're all into the mellow relaxing type of music a simple guitar or piano will be good for soloists. But when you're thinking about your music with drums, bass and rocking out then get a band. You can have both, and start an acoustic band. But being solo with drums and bass in the background will be hard to achieve for live shows. Keep in mind, it's also whatever makes you the most entertaining.

- Julie JD -