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Doug Oliver - My Darkest Days Interview

Brian Toye
June 15, 2011

Brian Toye Interview Series / June 13, 2011

Doug Oliver is the thunder behind breakthrough band My Darkest Days Doug was one of the original members of the group. The 2009 97.7HTZFM Rock Search Winners from the GTA went on to produce an album with Chad Kroeger and Joey Moi. Thier single "Porn Star Dancing" featured Ludacris, Zakk Wylde and Chad Kroeger. Thier single went Gold and Platinum within weeks of release in the States. They have finished their North American Tour with Three Days Grace/Trapt/Papa Roach and have just begun their European Tour.

Brian - As a drummer, what is one thing you have learned about the music industry that you would like to have told your younger self?

Doug - I would have told myself to practice hard and to LISTEN to other peopleís advice. I would tell myself to learn as much as I could about percussion/technique/performing so as to fully prepare for a career doing just that.

Brian - How important is collaboration and teamwork in the process of writing and recording an album? Are there arguments about drum beats/fill decisions and how do you resolve ego driven arguments to discover what is best for the song?

Doug - Other peopleís input is great!! Itís definitely necessary. There are no ego driven arguments, itís about taking in other people perspective and truly allowing yourself to fully absorb that perspective and try it out 100%. Sometimes these perspectives work and we run with the idea, sometimes they donít result in workable or usable parts so we move on to try the next idea. I enjoy other peopleís opinions because they are ideas may not have thought of, it may be best for the song, so i think itís great to have other peopleís ideas floating around!!

Brian - Having been on the road for almost a year now after the release of My Darkest Days self-titled debut album, what can you tell aspiring teen and pre-teens who dream of life as a rocker?

Doug - I would have to say, if you really want to do it u have to be 150 percent committed!!!! Donít be lazy, give up unnecessary distractions and work really hard! Get your music out however you can, YouTube, twitter MySpace all that kind of stuff, and NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Brian - Do you write music on the road? Does it stem from jamming during sound check and/or do you have scheduled writing sessions on the bus?

Doug - I personally write on the road almost every day, i get inspired by watching other bands kick ass on stage. I write in my bunk mostly via garage band, itís a great tool for laying down quick ideas.

Brian - How are you handling the marketing side (early morning radio interviews) of being in a band, selling a product, selling yourself, your brand, your image? This side of the industry can be unfamiliar to musicians and yet are quickly forced to interview upon success. Was there any coaching involved?

Doug - There wasnít much coaching lol and the early morning interviews are cool, we just do our thing and get it out to as much press as possible!!

Brian - On your next album, have you thought about who you would like as producer/engineer? Who would you like to work with in the future?

Doug - I would love to do another record with Chad Kroeger and Joey Moi, these guys are great and we learned a lot on the first record.

Brian - On a scale of 1 to infinity what are the chances that I can entertain My Darkest Days for a summer BBQ next time youíre in the Niagara region?
Doug - hahahah for sure man any time!!! i would have to say infinity !! thanx dude u rock man!!!

Check out the videos under the Services tab at for thier extended version of "Porn Star Dancing"