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Summer Gigs

Julie JD
June 20, 2011

S.C.E.N.E. Fest is next week! Do you have your tickets yet? Tickets? Yeah you need a ticket. $29 and you get to see any combination of 160+ bands. It's pretty awesome, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 in the morning there is non stop music. Every minute of every hour in downtown St. Catherines. If you don't go you're missing out. It's great for music lovers to musicians alike. It's even more important for the aspiring musician. It's bands that will inspire you to do your own thing. For this type of event it's full of bands that are just like you, trying to get themselves out there. Entering events like this, and doing performances all summer.

It's the best time to do any type of performing. The summer is when more people are available to go to outings. In the summer they want to go out and have fun. So you'll be playing to a bigger audience then you would in the dead of winter. Since the crowd is bigger you should play more songs that will get to all of them. It's more likely for them to get bored of slow emotional songs. So for a summer set, most of your songs, if not all of them, should be upbeat.

Even though all the deadlines for big events are closed now, it doesn't hurt to put your name in there anyways. I was once called on for a summer event the day of the performance, because the previous band was too hungover to bother showing up. Not only do I get a gig, but by being enthusiastic and ready to go on, I was called more often by that same person to be booked. No matter where you go there are opportunities. I can't stress that enough. Break out your comfort zone, and there is no better time to do that then in the summer. Try looking for gigs farther away with a beach, then you can go the whole day and spend time with your band mates frolicking in the water. Find new places you've never played before and take this time to branch out, and emphasis on the local areas that you're available to last minute bookings. The summer is the time to play, the world is your oyster.

- Julie JD -