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Defence Mechanism @ the NMAs 2011

Victoria Blair
June 21, 2011

Photo by D.M.

I went to the 2011 Niagara Music Awards last week and it would be impossible for me not to mention the spectacular performance of Defence Mechanism. Of course, they weren’t the only set scheduled for that evening but they were the last.

I saw them a while back when they played at City Lights and since then, the band has evolved a great deal (it makes me wonder how fast and how far they’ll actually go). DM’s marginal personality was in every aspect of their performance. The lead singer’s flaming pink mohawk clashed nicely with the dark, Rammstein-ish look the band adopted. They projected videos of old black and white movie scenes of robot invasions and alien apocalypse. Top that off with a sound similar but darker and more futuristic then Depeche Mode’s and you’ve got Defence Mechanism. Now that sounds pretty awesome right? But what really blew my mind was the robots that invaded the crowd at the end of the set. Bulky, scary robots, sexy robot chicks with laser guns, fat robots… all sorts of robots! The more the merrier right?

Right now Defence Mechanism is touring the East Coast. Go check out their website:

I also want to congratulate every artist who was nominated and everyone who won an award. I want to say thank you to all the NMA performers who made it a night to remember, and thank you to the workers that transformed the arena into a grand stage for our artists to be thanked for their hard work. I would also like to emphasis what the hostess said at the awards and remind every artist and every technical crew member to GET PAID! You are a talented PROFESSIONAL and you deserve the same kind of respect you give others.

Go check out NMA website for more information on the winners:

-Victoria Blair-