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Julie JD @ S.C.E.N.E. 2011

Julie JD
June 29, 2011

Wow. You people in Saint Catherines like to party. Scene fest was so wild, four venues had to shut down. I had a lot of fun. Even though most of the day I was standing at our booth, I had a good time talking to a bunch of you and signing up your bands for the Game Plan Pros battle of the bands. However I did get out there, and I got to see the power and energy of the Black Lungs. As hardcore as they are they did give a valid point that I strongly agree with, and it was that hate does not belong in music. Kudos guys.

From my own hometown there was the local band, Tonight, Tonight. They're more of a feel good type of punk. But I can tell from the show that the people who knew them, really knew them and were singing and dancing along. This band also made a ballsy but plausible move, playing with a prerecorded track. It takes away from spontaneous additions, but it's also helps with playing the correct tempo. I know from experience that when you play live, you tend to play faster.

After, I saw Structures who, with their intense screaming and heavy bass, the crowd was immediately jumping and moshing outside Barracuda Pretty. I even saw the people hanging out the windows of the parking garage getting into the beat. Their show was intense all together, and it was a good thing there was a lot of room for how many people were moshing. It was awesome all around. Right after them I walked inside to to see Die Mannequin, which we must have been early because we seemed to have to wait a while for them to start. There happened to be a guy yelling at them to play. It was worth the wait. It may have started off slow but the excitement built up fast, playing songs that everyone knew. The singer was using the stage to get closer to the crowd, she even walked right into the crowd and seemed to get right into that guys face. It was a great set, they fully rocked out, turning it up on their last song-a cover of Beat it by Micheal Jackson.

At the end of the day I saw USS, who is always entertaining. The crowd had great feedback dancing and singing to every song. They really have a great set, using many different forms of equipment to make their music. My only regret, was not getting to see them use the blender. That would have been awesome and a true insight on a philosophy that anything can become music.

- Julie JD -
S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival 2011