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Interviewing Matt Dell

Brian Toye
June 28, 2011

I was able to catch Matt Dellís 11pm set at the SCENE MUSIC FEST 2011 this year at Strega Cafť. The place was packed full of Matt Dell fans and they seemed to know all the words to his songs. What was my impression of the show? It was a warm interactive performance featuring great live vocals and good songs. Matt Dell is one name to keep tabs on in the Niagara Music Scene. Don't forget to check out his YouTube Channel here

Brian - Matt, as a singer/songwriter itís important to build a strong team around yourself. People like Producers/Engineers, co-writers, arrangers and session players play a big role in creating an album. Who was your team on this latest album?

Matt - I went to a studio called Brilliant Red Studios in Burlington to record the album. I had the boys from Tonight Tonight help to produce and record it. Colin was a really great producer and easy to work with. He really knew how to grab hold of my creative side and bring it out even if I was stuck with the worst writers block. I found this a great asset to have when you're in the studio.

Brian - For all those musicians out there who may have never before recorded an album, take a few minutes and describe the process and maybe point out some things you have learned through this process that you were not aware of before recording your first album.

Matt - The most important thing about studio work that I have learned over the years is being as prepared as possible before you go in to record. Studio time can be really expensive especially if youíre spending your time trying to perfect your ability to play the song or trying to finish writing the song. It's ok to make certain changes to a song, but leave the song writing to the jam space. It will save you a lot of money in the end. And ALWAYS have an agreement written out. A lot of miscommunication can happen between you and the producer if you don't have your agreement completely written out on paper.

Brian - Internet Radio is important these days. You have received much internet radio play. When it comes to the airwaves and syndicated radio, do you have a plan for promoting your songs to these outlets also? What is this plan?

Matt - It's basically just a do-it-yourself mentality. I promote the music to pretty much anyone that will take a moment to listen to it. We got the single Secrets and Lullabies onto radio through a friend of mine who has a show on the station called Rock the Walls. We were able to get the song to the music director who really liked it. The single has seen a great response from the station listeners. The main idea is to be a part of opportunities like this one and pretty much anything that will put your name out there. I always thought over the years that there was just some magical answer to promoting your music. In reality the magical is that we've got to work hard as a band to promote it ourselves. No one else is going to care more about your music than you will in the end.

Brian - When someone goes to a Matt Dell show, will they expect to see Matt Dell and his acoustic guitar or will they also see a backing band?

Matt - It's myself on rhythm guitars and lead vocals and my friend Tim Lclaire on lead guitars and back-up vocals. There has been some talk about making this a full backed band, but so far it's only been talk. But who knows what the future will bring.

Brian - Where can fans find Matt Dell downloads and merchandise for purchase?

Matt - Fans can check out all the songs, news, and upcoming concert dates at and Anyone whose interested in buying merchandise can come out to anyone of our shows and come chat to us. We would be more than happy to give you a shirt or a CD and hang out.Our music will be available on iTunes and other digital outlets in the upcoming months. We are very excited for the future.

Brian - Matt, name us five of your favorite songs right at this moment.

Matt - They would be:

1. Transit: Please Head North
2. Twin Atlantic: Crash Land
3. Motionless in White: Abigail
4. Mayday Parade: We Will Rock You (cover)
5. Foxy Shazam: A Dangerous Man

- Brian Toye -
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