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Crutch CD Release Party

Victoria Blair
July 05, 2011

Photo by: Crutch

There are many reasons to go to a Crutch concert, all of which I experienced first hand at their CD release party at Rockfords on the 18th.

Here are five reasons to see them live in concert.
No1: The guitarist likes to set things on fire… like his hand… while he’s playing.

No2: The band is made of more experienced musicians which means they really know how to satisfy a crowd (that was almost dirty). They are dedicated performers and their set flows so well it almost seems too short (it reminds me of Fozzy).

No3: They are the first band of a new musical genre called Mutt Rock, hence the name of their new album: Mutt Rock Radio.

No 4: They are from SAINT CATHARINES (everyone knows local talent is better then any other type of talent).

No5: You should really go see them before they become big so you can honestly say you didn’t just jump on the band wagon ( you should also get the merch that proves it!).

The performance they delivered at Rockfords was fantastic! They played a few cover songs (Tool, Finger Eleven…) but it was mainly original songs from Mutt Rock Radio. Their sound is heavier then Stain, punker (I just invented a new word) then Black Sabbath and darker then Finger Eleven. Truly an original sound!

When I asked Lee, the guitarist, what Crutch brings to the musical scene here is what he replied: "A fresh sound for one. There are a lot of punk and metal bands in our area as well as bands that are somewhere between rock and metal. We are a blend of everything (punk, rock, metal, rap, grunge) thus you hear the band or their fans calling it "Mutt Rock" (like a dog with multiple breeds)."

They will perform at Rockfords Night Club on July 17th and at City Lights on July 23rd! Don't miss it!

- Victoria Blair -
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