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Autumn Crush

Julie JD
July 07, 2011

This year at S.C.E.N.E Music Festival, I saw an indie band that really stood out to me. Autumn Crush was playing at the red hot chili pepper and I was actually invited by the bassist to go see them play. Honestly I didn't know who they were, so I figured why not; that is my favourite part about music festivals, discovering new bands. And discover I did.

I have to say the drummer was awesome, not only was he rocking that kit he was singing back up. And doing it well. For some it's hard enough keeping the beat, never mind singing as well. The music was well written too. A good use of dynamics, building up not only with the scales but in volume as well.

If you have never been to the chili pepper, they have a stage in the basement. It has this bar at the front of the stage so it limits the crowd from bombarding the band. I have to say that the singer made a good use of it. They were pretty much all up in that bar, like the stage was too small to contain their full sound. Their stage presence was just awesome with in sync movements and having fun with the music. No matter how much the crowd was having fun, they were having more. And boy could that singer rock it. Literally getting right in the crowds, leaning over that bar and singing in their faces, getting them involved. Even when she wasn't singing she was right next to the soloist rocking right with them. Their music got people moving, even when it was a slow song.

These guys are definitely a band worth getting into. And from what I can tell have a good chance in the game plan pros battle of the bands this year. And how convenient I attached a link, so check them out and follow up to see them play.