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The Coppertone

Joel Barnhart
July 12, 2011

So while covering S.C.E.N.E. a few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to see a lot of great bands. Some of which I'd covered before (King and Academy, My Son The Hurricane, Dinosaur Bones, Lambs Become Lions), some I'd only heard of but not yet had the chance to see/hear (Waterbodies, Elk). They were all great, but there was one band that stood out, that I'd never even heard of prior to seeing.

I was walking down James street between bands when I hear one of the most wonderful sounds I've ever heard. I wander over to Caché, where the bassist of the band playing is hanging out the window that leads out to the street, a few feet off the ground. I snap some shots and wander in. I had just discovered the Coppertone.

You wanna know what The Coppertone is like? Imagine the voice of God as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear. They are very reminiscent of The White Stripes, if the White Stripes had a bassist, a competent drummer, and Jack White was a gorgeous red head instead of a pale creepy looking dude with thin stringy facial hair. There aren't many things I can think of that are sexier than a gorgeous woman wailing on a electric guitar, playing music that makes you want to start a bar fight in a Robert Rodriguez film.

They played a White Stripes-esque blues/rock hybrid, right down to the heavily distorted slide guitar. The singer's vocal style is also very close to Jack Whites, except that the female voice is designed to hit those notes, so it sounds exponentially better.

It sounds like I don't hold the White Stripes in very high regard, but on the contrary, I love the White Stripes. So the fact that I think this band is so much better than them speaks volumes about how fantastic this trio is.

But don't take my word for it, check them out below:
the Coppertone