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Writers Block

Julie JD
July 19, 2011

So I know sometimes writing just doesn't come naturally all the time. Sometimes the words just flow like vomit and other times you choke. So how do you work around that? Well I've mention before, that you need to take a break and do something that inspires you. Whether it is going for a walk, listening to music, whatever removes your mind from your writers block.

So besides doing something that will strike inspiration, what else can you do? Well you can force it. If you already have a subject or something you want to write about, I've got some tips that can help you hammer out those thoughts into meaningful lyrics.

So go back with me for a second, all the way to elementary school. Oh yes- it may have seemed useless then, but they actually taught you something. I don't know about you, but remember when you had to write a short story? They said a good way to get your thoughts organized is with a thought web. A what? Well, can't blame you for not remembering so I'll explain. Take a blank page and in the center write your subject and draw a circle around it. Sound familiar? Now, drawing lines from the center, write down everything, whatever comes to mind, about the subject. It's a good place to write down what you know you want to say, things that remind you of the subject, and any metaphors or similes that pertain to the subject. Seeing all your jumbled thoughts written down on page will make it much easier to decipher and organize your thoughts and write a whole song.

You probably won't use all the points you've written, but it's good to get it all out there. Now it may take a couple of rewrites but you can write down on a new sheet all the good points, or number and label all the points you want to use and where ( ie. Verse 1, verse 2, bridge). Now what about the chorus? Well, remember when I said (a bunch of blogs ago) a chorus is like a recap about the song. So just write out what the song is about a bunch of times. Not the same thing every time like you're in detention, but in different words. Then go through each one and underline the lines that make the most sense. Trust me it works. This is definitely the most efficient way to work through a writers block. And I am speaking from experience. This method has been tried, tested, and true. Good luck with the writing.