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Dan Langevin
August 02, 2011


If you havenít heard that word before it can mean a few things, but the Shazam Iím talking about is Shazam Festival in Barnston Ouest Quebec. Yeah I know Quebec? Why travel that far? Is it a French only festival? And once again.. Where?

Picture a ďGreat AdventureĒ when you start off on a plane or train or car and you drive into the middle of no where, through mountains and hills that look like hidden pyramid civilizations buried under trees and rock. Then entering the mountain forest roads you're navigating a roller coaster to your destination. Finally a small driveway takes you to what can only be described as the greatest natural stage you will ever stumble upon. Bands play all day on a permanent stage built from the trees in the area. Lightning glows on the stage all night. Iíll start by saying itís an outdoors experience, and yes you can bring the family. If you're looking for hardcore you're in the wrong place (unless you're at Dave's Metal Workshop while he's making a sword..) if an Ultra Cool experience is what you're looking for, look no farther.

I canít even describe the feeling on the 3rd day when the Blue Grass is playing mid afternoon and youíve been in a drunken stooper becoming one with nature, shedding the office and over time off, partying to live music all night. Since I canít describe the whole experience in this blog, Iíll attempt to boggle your mind with a list of words that should build a picture of the Shazam experience. Now clear an area in your brain and hit record on the adventure button.

Blue Grass
A One Man Band
hip hop
Beat Boxing
DJ Tent
Sword Swallowing
Glass walking
Beer Fountains
Strong Man
Black Smithing
Fire Juggling
Unicycle work shops
Kids Comedy hour
Hoola hoops
Extreme Zone Skate Park with Tournaments
Fire Works
Bon Fires
Wrestling Show
Shazam Burgers
Vegan Meals
Jerk Chicken
Visitors from
Nova Scotia
And last but not least..
a Bar!

Shazam! Thatís the word of the day when you're in the mist of all your fellow Shazamers. Get excited because Shazam Fest is a Great Adventure! No Joke.

Check out the website for next years SHAZAM Lucky Number 7. ItĎs the summer experience you never knew existed!

- Dan Langevin -