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Cypress Hill

Joel Barnhart
August 01, 2011

The weekend of July 30th was a good time for me. Rib Fest was in town, for one thing. Everyone loves Rib Fest. It's like our chance to hang out in a park and be as American as possible. It's great. On top of that, the 30th was my 23rd birthday, and who just happened to be in town for it? Cypress Hill.

F**king awesome.

So far, I have insanely good luck when it comes to seeing shows on my birthday. Last year it was Testament, Megadeth and Slayer, who are bar none my favourite metal bands. This year, I get to cover Cypress Hill, one of my favourite hip hop acts.

Before Cypress Hill started, there were a few opening bands. I missed the first one, but had the opportunity to see MLSF from Windsor. They were a rap/rock act who couldn't decide if they wanted to be Rage Against the Machine or Red Hot Chili Peppers, and quite frankly, they kind of sucked at both. To be fair, the band itself was pretty solid, but I didn't care for the vocalists. I would liken this band to Limp Bizkit, in that Limp Bizkit would be a way better band if it didn't feature Fred Durst.

Black Majik Movement, from Welland was supposed to play as well, but were apparently told they couldn't though no reason as to why was given. I like them, so I was a bit disappointed. I would have preferred them over MLSF, that's for sure.

Cypress Hill was late for the show, and there were some rumours flying around, saying they got lost, or held up at customs. Neither would surprise me, because come on, this is Cypress Hill we're talking about. Whole lotta weed in those guys.

They finally went up though, and it was awesome. Rocked the s**t out of that parking lot. They brought with them a DJ and a percussionist from L.A., who at one point did a duel, which I thought was pretty sweet. They did everyone's favourites, starting off with How I Could Just Kill a Man, and later on doing Insane in the Membrane, Dr. Greenthumb, Hits From the Bong, and finishing with Rock Superstar, among others.

Despite the fact that they were late, they put on a hell of a show, like only a performer who's had over twenty years experience can.

I really doubt any of my readers are unfamiliar with Cypress Hill, but just in case you were born under a rock, check the link below:

- Joel Barnhart -
Cypress Hill