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Constructive Criticism

Julie JD
August 09, 2011

Some artists don't like showing their work until it's done. They'll lock themselves in their room working on the same project until they feel it's ready. This works...if you're a painter. You may think your song is amazing, but you don't know unless someone else hears it. It's important that people hear your song. Hopefully before you perform or record it professionally. There is nothing worse then playing a song, and no body likes it. Of course this is the worst case scenario, but it's still a terrible outcome. You want people to be impressed. Play it for everyone, your music teacher, your family your friends. Even if you're in a band, invite people you trust to your practice to hear you play it. Best advice I've ever gotten about practicing is, practice how you would perform, that means beginning to end no interruptions, if you mess up don't stop keep playing, don't just stand there looking at your other members, move around. Even go so far as to put in ad-libs in between the songs. It will make you all the more comfortable when you're in front of a crowd. This way you know it works, and you're not trying something out for the first time when you're performing. That is about the worst thing you can do. Always be prepared! But I digress. Constructive criticism is important for artists. It's not just on getting it, but how you take it. It may sound rude, or you don't want to hear it, but you should be able to listen to it and learn from it. When someone gives you a suggestion, you shouldn't get offended, they're just trying to help. But there's always another way if you're too insecure for other peoples suggestions, record it yourself and listen to it. The most judgemental person is yourself. Record it by any means necessary, on your iPod, a free download of a recording program and a headset mic (I've done that before) or better yet, a video camera. Then you can critique yourself.

Note from the Editor - Hearing others opinions can also help to move your project along at a quicker pace. You can often hear things that will open your mind to options you can use in your own ways. If the suggestion is bogus and not timely it can possibly be transformed later into something you do think is clever. - Dan L

- Julie JD -