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Contest Tips

Julie JD
August 15, 2011

So I've talked about it before. The Battle of the bands. It's not too late to sign up. Just need an mp3, a picture, website address, and general band info (ie. the members and name of your band). So keeping in mind that it's coming up, I have some tips for when you have a short period of time to prove yourself. Now there is nothing wrong with competing in battle of the bands. It's a way to get yourself out there, and sometimes the prizes are really sweet like air time on a popular radio station *cough, cough*. I mean look at the Sheepdogs, they won a contest to be on the cover of rolling stone, now their the greatest thing since sliced bread.
I know I may sound like a broken record by this point, but it's important. You have to practice how you play. Seriously. Best tip ever. You should all be facing the same way, as if your playing to the audience. And practicing synchronized moves that you previously planned out. Yes it may sound ridiculous, but you're putting on a show. You're not going to get anywhere by playing into your amp. The best shows are when the band gets really into it.

Here's a new thing I may not have mentioned before. Practice setting up and taking down your equipment. You should know ahead of time what equipment you need to bring, if there is a house kit or if you're bringing your own. Then put all your equipment to the side and plan out together who is going to bring out what, down to the last patch cord. The more organized you are the faster and sooner you can play, making room for an encore. Because let's face it after using these tips the fans will be asking for more. Don't forget to practice taking down your equipment too. Time yourself, make sure you're within the time limit. Practice all the way through, set up, playing the set all the way through, and disassembly. It may sound a little cocky but play an encore when you practice. I'm not kidding, you need to believe in yourself. The only way to be awesome and do a good job is believing that your super-awesome and practising.