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Is the Music Industry Broken?

Dan Langevin
August 23, 2011

If you all remember a few things have happened to the music business over the years. Reel to Reel, 8 tracks cassette tapes, CDs, MP3s. Vinal Presses, CD Stores, Napster communities and other websites that got slain by music gods, the constant retaliation of the people file sharing and breaking code to have music playing at their parties and work places.

Lets face it music is the anthem of the moment and we have a lot of moments happening in our lives. There is a constant need for new music to go along with our nostalgic repetitious attempts of living out a great tune. They do their job, we enjoy life. People get motivated and then we make more in hopes of creating something that lives up to the greatest tunes we ever heard.

So how do we get music these days? Music Stores, Online Stores, @ a Live Show, from the Artist, from our Friends, and record it ourselves.

Is the Music Industry broken? or in a hold pattern? that's a tough one.
First Iíd like to say that the greatest music, with the greatest plan canít be stopped. It travels in ways you canít ever contain. So that brings us to how we are moving around sound.

Iíll start with wanting and making free music.

In the past you just typed in music names and in an hour youíd have it on your computer. Now things like this happen but they donít take an hour thatís for sure. So what happened to online Legal and Illegal downloads? Almost all sites have been seized since they are a landmark and easy pickins for the Ďmusic policeĎ. Now, people file share which isn't illegal in Canada (to know your law check your location) or jump drive their tunes to each other. It's a grey area, file sharing, in Canada an Mp3 was ruled the same as a photocopy, the "library" effect caused the ruling to be legal to share music as long as the owner of the original was backing up his own files.

OkÖ So the real questions? How does one jump drive? Using any mobile media device to share, jump drives, portables let you hold 300 + songs. So how has the mp3 changed the music scene? Encoding into mp3 is universal code, it works everywhere and is read by everything. Sooo the market breaks up once you buy it and are allowed to do as you wish. There's no way to control it once it becomes converted to mp3.

Some company encoders allow you to count down the repeats of the file but those are easy to replace.. we are talking kids stuff really. Mp3 or Wav files are the raw data and the first compression. Anything else is a compression product of a company designed to make it work with there software and products. That's how Apple keeps a closed network ďI just got a cheap mp3 player for the gym, just opened it and i have no music at all so i need to "sample" some tunes before I buy?Ē No, put your cds into your windows media player and rip them to your drive then down load a file sharing program and see if anyone has the music available your looking for. There is tons of free music out there, instrumentals and bands trying to make it. Also CD stores are selling CDs that were once up to $30 for $2 now a days.

The Music Industry and Rap/Rock Star rolls have many many ways to express themselves. The number one way is threw the arts. ĎObviouslyí youíre thinking. Well let me ask you this, Ever hear of a band called Tool? Are you more likely to download the album because itís free? Or, pay $20 for a poster, 3d glasses, a booklet of art, and the custom made cd?

Bands have loved the internet for selling music and hated the internet for selling music. Blame goes around like a game of tag when it comes to the cheapening of the product. So let me start again. Great music can not be stopped. If your lucky enough to have made it big you know when your on to something. Continuing to produce is the battle at that moment.

How do you make good music? You get involved with life. And you create a discipline for yourself. Hard work and help from others adds to your experience, and you ride the wave. So remember to work with your fellow artists and believe in their abilities as much as your own. Time and effort is how your make a rich product.

Things bands use to make their performance and network atmosphere more rich.

Touring with a Stage act that could include
Special Lighting
Back grounds
Special stage designs
Special instruments
Video displays
Audience participation
Hair Styles
Band formation and choreography
A Strong Frontman
Live albums
Make up
Music Genre Cross Overs
Other products that arenít music oriented but still tied it to the life styles.

Remember trying to achieve your greatest goals will come from creating and maintaining "Hype". Proper hype "Delivers", and leaves you "Hyped" for more. Itís got to be in your song, and your attitude, and your delivery and product, for the whole attempt or itíll never turn out to be the atmosphere with the longevity youíre hoping for.

I canít tell you how far you'll go in the Music Industry, but after reading this maybe you can figure it out. Have fun and bring the goods! The World is waiting!

- Dan Langevin -