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Julie JD
August 29, 2011

There's a thing about technology. You can have all the latest equipment, spend thousands of dollars on the best stuff around, but it doesn't mean a thing if you don't know how to use it properly. It's better to start out simple.

Take the Beatles for an example. When they recorded their first album, there were only two track recording equipment. But they experimented and took this equipment to it's limits. That alone is a good place to start. Even having a free download of a recording program you can create with is good . It's just a matter of knowing your basics, then testing out every dial and level you can until you find your desired sound. The bypass button can be your best friend. It's the one that helps you compare what you altered to your original recording. That way you can hear the real difference of what you're doing.

Regarding your equipment, it's not a matter of having the best equipment, but knowing what you have really well. The same way that practicing scales on your guitar, trying out different effects and fiddling around with different notes and strumming techniques helps you know the instrument well. Same goes for recording. Trial and error. You can just give up because something isn't working. It may stress you out to the point you need to walk away, but it shouldn't be off your mind.

Even getting tips from your local store. The people there don't just work there, more then likely they're just like you. Independent artists trying to make their mark, that just happen to have a sweet day job.

It's good to be a regular there. Even if you don't buy something every time, there are always new posters of seminars that can be full of tips. Even used books stores. I happened to pick up an ultimate book of recording technology for $8. Mind you it's from 2006 but it's better then paying the near $50 mark someone else happened to when it came out. It may not have the latest tips, but it definitely covers the basics. And that's all anyone has to do, get back to the basics.

- Julie JD -