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Anastasia Andranov

Dan Langevin
August 30, 2011

Photo Credit: Ema Suvajac

1. How old are you and where are you currently living?

I am 25 Yrs old and I currently live right in the heart of beautiful downtown Toronto

2. How did you end up being a Star in Canada?

You are so sweet! I have a long way to go still, but I have been working in both the modeling and music industry since 2005 and have established a name for myself through my hard work and networking skills. My constant involvement in local events has kept me ďin the loopĒ. I was able to accomplish a lot with my modeling career and have now decided to take my love for music to the next level. I started out writing for other people and now I am pushing my own material out to the public. I love growing with this industry and am excited for each and every year to come!

3. What is your Label?

Right now I am going to be Distributing through BMMG/Universal however I have to keep my options open. I am currently working independently which is allowing me to have full control of my projects and my Manager is amazing! I have some very serious A&R guys and labels waiting to hear more so I am mainly focusing on giving them just that! I am also currently a song writer, part of a production team with Jazz Feezy/Boi1da production under Interscope Records.

4. Who are you working with?

I am currently working with producer Scotty J from Vancouver, Jazz Feezy, Osama Versatile and artists such as Cpt. Hooks, Scotty James, Chase Millyunz, Phax and a few other local artists.

5. How much recording have you done in the past?

I have been recording since I was in high school however I donít like to release much of it. I used to have 2 CDs full of music my brother and I had made but it was def exclusive! I love being in the studio, it's where I feel most comfortable. This past year I have been recording or in a studio for more than 70 percent of the year!

6. Why the switch from Modeling to Singing? Do you have plans for both?`

I was always nervous about pursuing my music dream because in the back of my mind, There was that possibility that nothing would come out of it. I was scared to lose something I am so passionate about. After completing university and gaining the right confidence and strength from Modeling, I put the fear aside and decided to go for it full force. I feel like there is nothing that I can lose.

7. How many albums do you have out?

I am putting out a summer EP ď11:elevenĒ this fall, we are literally finishing the final touches and Iíll be ready to release it this fall. It was an unusually difficult process. I have learned so much. This EP was self produced and I donít think I can ever go that route again. It was insane! Preproduction was very difficult because I had to explain to professional session players exactly what was in my brain in terms of sound, style and everything else. Not having a producer on board made it difficult to stay within the lines. I feel like I was crossing genres (which is not necessarily a bad thing considering itís a mixed sound EP) but next time, I would much rather have a producer for direction and balance. My father was actually head of musical arrangements for this EP so It was very cool to work with family on this. He is such an incredible musician and is extremely professional. I donít know what I would have done with out him because there were times where I felt so much pressure.

8. What are your songs about? What song should we listen for?

I find that most of my songs are about falling in love, emotional loss and gaining independence. Keep your eyes and ears open for my single ďKiss & TellĒ which I will be releasing this fall!

9. Why is that song the special one for you?

``Save me`` is such a personal song that I am shocked that I am even releasing it. It feels like my broken heart is exposed and out there for people to hear and feel. It was really hard to play this song at shows this summer and I found that it was also difficult to record vocals as well. I donít know, I feel like itís a good thing that I release it and just move on. At least this song has true feelings and I am sure people will be able to understand that when they hear it.

10. Do you have anyone else on the newest album?

I do, I recently have pop singer Scotty James on one of my singles " I got you" and Cpt. Hooks and I recorded about 3 records together this summer and I have Chase Millyunz on my single "save me" which I cannot wait to release. I am looking forward to more collaboration. Some people, I am hoping to collaborate with right now are, Devon Tracey, The Cataracts, Far East Movement!

11. What are your inspirations for writing?

My life is so much fun and I meet so many people and travel to so many amazing places. All these experiences help me write but to be honest, when I hear a a piece of music the sounds usually inspire words and I basically complete a song based on how the song makes me feel. It is a really cool experience!

12. Who have you performed with in the past?

This summer I preformed next to some of my favourite artists. Scotty James and I opened for Sublime, 3 days Grace, The Trews, Hallorado, Tokyo Police Club, Street Pharmacy, The Reason, The Artist Life, Joob, Danny Fernandez to name a few.†

13. Who do you want to perform with in the future?

There are so many artists that I would love to perform with but I would def want to perform at Summer Rush and MMVA`s. That is my goal.

14. Are you touring?

I currently just completed my west coast tour summer 2011. It was an incredible, very memorable time. I absolutely loved visiting Vancouver. I met with some amazing young producers and some of which are on my upcoming singles! The fans are wild there and it seemed as if many artists were out there at the same time. Rihanna, Danny Fernandes, Fefe Dobson, Kardinal Official, Captain Hooks were all there. I donít know if I will touring again until next summer because I really need to focus on writing more now that I just completed a summer EP.
15. How far does your travels take you for your career at the moment?

So far I have only been able to do a cross Canada tour however, There are some plans in terms of visiting Europe, Thailand and I am planning to shoot a video for "Paradise" produced by The Glow Sticks some where hot and exotic. I am excited to go to Romania and Czech Republic. We have some contacts there we are going to connect with.

16. What's the biggest stage youíve played on?

It would have to be the Brantford Hockey Fest. It was roughly a 60 foot stage and I am pretty tiny so it felt insane. It is nice to have an amazing sound crew I had a blast!

17. How has modelling treated you? What sort of shows do you do?

Modeling is the best job in the world. I modeled while completing my university studies and honestly, it was the best experience of my life. I feel like I gained so much experience in the last 5 years and have built a very versatile book. I have got to network with some of our nations hottest clients, travel, take amazing pictures and got tons of free swag! I enjoy LG fashion week every year and have been a part of some of the hottest designer shows! I think I will always have an agent for modeling just to keep me on my toes!

18. Modelling and Singing, are you going for anything else? It seems as tho you have a lot of potential.

I went to school for clinical Neuro Psych so I do plan on opening up my own clinic when I feel music has died down. I am really looking forward to helping other people, and I will start doing that with my position in music, and later as well.

19. Whats the big picture for you?

I want to go international and travel the world with my music. I am planning on developing my own organization that will utilize shows to help spread awareness on various topics through music. I plan to open up my own recording studio in Vancouver Canada where artists can get away and experience luxury! I will continue to write for major label artists but touring and playing shows will connect me wit artist on a more personal level. I feel like there is so much I can do with Music so I am going to try everything I can!!

20. Now that your an up coming star, are you a party girl or a stay at
home and play her guitar girl?

I love a good party donít get my wrong, but I love what I do and with that comes responsibility, hard work and dedication. I have to take it easy every now and then so that I stay focused but I am a social butterfly. I love to go out and I love to party. I guess I balance both worlds because I do love to sit at home and relax, but in this industry there is always something going on and I usually end up going because I hate the thought of not being a part of everything! lol

21. Where can we find your songs?

You can find my songs at:
22. Do you have any Videos?

Yes I have a promo video for "try" on:
We are shooting my first Music video this Sept for my single ďKiss & TellĒ and we are so excited!

23. What is your webpage? and my current official website is

24. Anything else you want to say that I didn't ask about?

Thank you for the lovely interview and I hope you stop by and see me at the Canadian Music Week 2012 and show some love!

- Dan Langevin -