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Volunteer Writers

Dan Langevin
September 07, 2011 still has openings for YOU to become a volunteer writer! Articles of 2 paragraphs in length or more are due Mondays on the topics listed below. It will be printed weekly on and two Featured articles will be picked once a Week for the main page. If you become a GamePlan weekly writer you will get an email and GamePlanPress credentials. A GOOD photo of your event or artist is necessary with photo credit. Also a tip: Be forward in your thinking. Making events and things better is in your ability, if you mention it constructively. Such as air flow in a bar, amazing lighting or lack of, recording, practicing, good/bad ways to promote.

A reminder due date is Mondays.
I'd say have fun but I'm sure I'll read all about it.


Event/Show Coverage
Local Hip Hop
Blues & Metal
Producing in St Catharines, Hamilton or Welland
Practicing in the City
Making it in the Industry
Local Talent
Golden Horse and your Cities Influence
Music Jobs
Current and Up and Coming Technology
Canada's Musical Future
Local Band Promotion Websites
the Local Music Awards
Great Ontario Festivals
Local Bar Presentations
Stages/Lighting/Air Flow/Service/Bartenders
Band Interviews about Crucial Dates of Events and Albums to come in the future.

- Dan Langevin -

Please send articles to subject line "Volunteer Writing". Also Include Title/Date/Name or Alias and Important locations or websites relevant to your story.