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Music City

Dan Langevin
September 13, 2011

"Music City" get used to it, it's a word your going to be hearing a lot. Maybe your in a music city? This particular Music City is St.Catharines Ontario. Located at the "Other" end of the Golden Horse , this small City has a flourishing art underground. The streets have music and singing in the middle of the day or night.. There are countless festivals dedicated to music, art, buskers and out door activities.

This "Music City" story is about eight musicians in particular. We will follow them threw their careers in the endless adventures of the music industry. The range from producers to street performers is a grand scope, allowing us to see the development strategies and brutal realities of the music industry. Touring takes you to many places and gigging takes you to many more! Who knows where it'll all go!

Check out the first five mini episodes, where Music City takes us to Hamilton for a Girls Smash and Bash Roller Derby with Ginger St.James (HMA winner), over to read the morning paper with Jesse Fisher (Singer/Pianist/Rocker), and shown around the Music "Laborrr-itory" of Jacob Bergsma (My Son the Hurricane)!

So much happens in Music City it's impossible to show it all, so to sum it up I wrote something special.

Jacob Jams, Ginger Rocks, and Jesse plays S.C.E.N.E.
Danno Pounds and Trumpets Blast, While Tone Talks Keen,
Ryan has his First CD, See Notes on Sound with Jeremy G!
Steve Stumble wins Punk of the Year.
Music City!
Let's watch, and have a Beer!

Game Plans "Music City" would like to Thank: The Musicians, the Bars, and Extras, and Steam Whistle Brewery.. 'The Good Beer Folks!"

Yeah that's a plug. Git Some!

If any investors would like to join the Buzz, contact the Producer Dan Langevin at for a winning opportunity.

- Dan Langevin -

ps.. Don't forget to check out Julie JD's Blog on Rhyming, then you can criticize my Poem!
Music City 1-5 Mini Eps.