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Recording Studio

Julie JD
September 26, 2011

There may be a time in your career when you have a professional studio recording. This takes a lot of time and money on both ends, so you need to make the most of it. On the first hand do some research on the studio, know who you're working with and check on some credentials.

You need to have an idea of how it's all going down. To ensure you're prepared, you need to know the songs you're going to be recording. And practice them hardcore until you know it inside out and backwards. Practice it without the vocals, get a metronome and figure out the tempos, then play it through some headphones and the drummer won't drag the fills or rush the blast-beats.

The studio is not the place to work on arrangements especially if you're paying by the hour. Make sure you work on any ideas you have before hand. The studio is no place to work out harmonies, work on it before hand.

You need to make sure all your stuff is together. If you're borrowing an amp, make sure you can practice with it at least twice before the session. Change your strings, drum heads if needed and limit the amount of addons on the kit. And like any equipment you're borrowing, practice with it and get used to it. A good thing is to record yourself, even if it's on a phone or iPod, you want to be able to listen to what you sound like and have an idea on what you want it to sound like.

When the time comes remember to be realistic about what you expect out of the recording. Leave your groupies at home, they'll only distract you. Tune your instruments before you even go in there, be on time and leave your ego at the door. Be willing to take criticism, if you've been following this blog, you've already been practicing that.