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Ginger St. James and the 454's

Dan Langevin
October 06, 2011

Hey, all you honky tonk fans, did you check out Ginger St.James performing her new song "Country Bumpkin" at the Hot Rod Hootenanny this year?

Ginger St.James (Hamilton Music Awards: Alt Country Recording of the Year Winner) performs with a wide variety of bands, in this case the 454's are a polished crew. 454's come on strong with drums (Danny T.), guitar (Snow-Heel Slim), bass (Darrel Lacelles) and piano (Greg Brisco), taking us back even farther with yodeling Ginger St James rocks your socks off. Snow-Heel on guitar makes every second a roller coaster ride of tunes. He brings a pure sound that hasn't been heard for a while back to the stage and he makes it look easy! The pianist is also a bang on musician! (see what I did there.. bang on, ha!) His tempo is astounding and he pushes a Paul Shaffer look in a bad ass direction.

Ok since I mentioned his name , lets get sidetracked for a second by a great inspirational Canadian.. this blog is short anyway!

"Paul Shaffer was born and raised in Fort William (now Thunder Bay), Ontario, Canada.. As a child, Shaffer had lessons on the piano, and moved on to playing the organ by his teenage years, in a band (Fabulous Fugitives) with his schoolmates in Thunder Bay.. Educated at the University of Toronto, he began playing with jazz guitarist Tisziji Muņoz, performing in bands around the bars there, where he found an interest in musicals, and completed his studies, with a B.A. degree in Sociology in 1971. Shaffer has served as musical director and producer for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony since its inception in 1986 and filled the same role for the 1996 Olympic closing ceremonies from Atlanta, Georgia."

Way to go Paul, coming from the Great White North, and being as successful as he is he's had to play and practice and push himself to a "Nice" little spot on the Letterman Show. Congrats to him for that.

Alright back to Ginger St.James and the 454's!

I think together these cats come across as old jam mates, owning the tunes they play. They provide a real authentic old time rock and roll vibe! Attitude, Look and Sound, makes up quality in a band. Make sure you check out "Great Balls of Fire" also!

The third song, "Beer Bottle Pockets" can also be heard in the new film "Don't Call Me Bambino" produced by GamePlanPros. So watch out for that Comedy coming out soon! *In her cameo, Ginger is a Smokin Hot Saloon Singer out for trouble!

Gingers web site is
Check her out and enjoy the below!

This is how you reach Snow-Heels Boogie Infection on :

- Dan Langevin -
Ginger St. James - Country Bumpkin Performance Video