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Shiltz is Back

Dan Langevin
October 12, 2011

Photo Cred: Jason Matos

On Sunday September 18th 2011 J Shiltz shot a new video for "Gimme That Flow 2".
Catching up with J, I asked him a few questions about the new tune and video. So lets get started!

GP: Well we all know about Gimme That Flo but who is in this new mix?
J Shiltz: Gimme That Flow 2 is featuring Nish Raawks, Wio-K, and Junia-T with production from Lancecape and cuts by DJ Docta.

GP: Who are you working with to direct this ?
J Shiltz: Jason Matos shot the video and he has also shot another video for my upcoming album for a song called Chop It Up.

GP: So how did you figure out what you wanted to shoot this time? With all the talent you roll with that's got to be tough? You making the calls or do you have a way to figure it all out?
J Shiltz: All artists had a say in location selection for the shoot which made it unique, we shot in Scarborough at locations selected by Monolith members, we shot in locations in Sauga selected by Junia-T and myself. One day shoot. It was a grind. A lotta good people came out to the shoot as well we had some dope cameos.

GP: So tell me why this track is gonna be something to watch for? I mean you have a lot of tracks and they are all repin J Shiltz in a pretty solid way.
J Shiltz: I think one of the most important things about this track is the legends on it... Nish Raawks, Wio-K, Lancecape are all Monolith members and their status is Canadian hip-hop history is unf**kwithable. Then you've got Junia-T hands down one of the dopest NEW dudes. Then you got King Of The Dots very own DJ Docta lacing the cuts.

GP: Solid Line up that's for sure. When can we get a sneak peak at this new vid?
J Shiltz: The video will drop in November to coincide with the release of my upcoming album "WHATISTANDFOR".

GP: Great I hope the new vid is kick @ss, I wanna see it on MUCH or MTV so aim high man!

GamePlan has been known to pick a few winners (like Shad winner of a Juno!) , so if you don't know who J Shiltz is, see our previous articles or just click the button below for a taste of his tunes.

- Dan Langevin -
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