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Steve Stumble

Dan Langevin
October 18, 2011

Photo Cred. Grant Redman

St.Catharines own Steve Stumble is a very busy man! I caught up with Steve to ask him about his new band and all his projects.

GP: Hey Steve, What are your major projects every year?
Stumble: Well there is a bunch of different divisions of the Stumble Recording Company. We have The Record Label where we put out records which has been slow lately. But the new Lucky Ones album Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock" is coming out. Then we have the Publishing Division that puts songs into movies etc. when we can! Just placed three songs into a movie called
"Seance" done by the director of some of the Hellrazor movies! Then we have the Festivals & Events division which handles S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival, Hot Rod Hootenanny, Oktoberfest Niagara as well as a few other random events through out the year!...

GP: Are you ever tired?!?
Stumble: All the Time!...

GP: How do you manage to get so many things done?
Stumble: I really do not know????

GP: Congrates! I heard the City of St.Catharines has awarded you lately? What is that all about?
Stumble: Yeah myself and Jennifer Anderson won a Trillium Award for the S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival for Innovation in the Arts!...Not really too sure what that all means but it sounds important!...

GP: How many bands are you in right now?
Stumble: Just 1 The Lucky Ones

GP: Who’s in the Lucky Ones?
Stumble: Myself and some long time friends of mine Robbie "Knuckles" Passero, Chris "The Doctor" Nowicki, & Matt Murphy

GP: We heard you “Like” drinking, and I heard you “Like” Punk Rock, is this true?
Stumble: I Don't Like Drinking or Like Punk Rock "I LOVE IT!!!..."

GP: Does having multiple band mate schedules to work with create conflict for
the bands own scheduling?
Stumble: Conflicting schedules is basically what I deal with all the time!...whether its people in bands or people running events or whatnot with me!...Everybody has other jobs etc as well so it gets difficult the older you get. But if you Love what you do you find a way to make it work!...

GP: So the First Lucky Ones Album was a big hit! What were some of the highlights on the Booze Sessions tour?
Stumble: Yeah the first record went pretty well!...I thought we should have toured on it more, but we did what we could. There was lots of highlights but we were drunk the whole time so we can't remember any of it!... Hence the title of the record!'ll blame it on all the Do-Gooders!

GP: What’s the name of your new Album?
Stumble: "Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock"

GP: When’s the album Due?
Stumble: Early Nov!!...If it ever gets printed on time!...We've been having artwork issues!...

GP: What’s the major difference between the first album and second album when it comes to recording and sound? Is there going to be a difference?
Stumble: Yeah "The Booze Sessions" we recorded in the basement of a record store and it turned out way better than we ever expected. James did a great job on that record with what he had to work with!... The new record we got to work with Steve Rizun!. I had always wanted to do a record with him cause I liked the sound of the records he did with Broadcast Zero, Creepshow & Flatliners. The New record sounds a lot more slick but its still raw!.... Its probably the only record I've recorded where I don't cringe!...I'm really stoked to get this album out cause its pretty awesome!..

GP: Any talk of a music video we didn’t get one for the first album are you planning any for this one?
Stumble: We'd love to do a video but money always seems to be the problem!..we totally fund this band from top to bottom!..We don't get grants and everything we do CD's, Vinyl, T-shirts, etc. is all completely funded and manufactured by this band!...Everything we make goes back into it!...That's why we always have merchandise etc. This band is very DIY!...We'll get around to shooting a video at some point!...

GP: Are you planing another Tour? Mini or Major?
Stumble: We're gonna be doing local dates through out the fall and winter!...Spring we're looking at touring Canada & August Europe!

GP: Who’s the best band the Lucky Ones have gotten to play with so far?
Stumble: Its kinda cool to be playing with a lot of our friends bands, Creepshow, Matadors, Forgotten Rebels, Saint Alvia, Broadcast Zero etc. and the festivals have been cool as well playing with Bouncing Souls, Nofx & Decendents. But by far being direct support for one of my favorite bands Stiff Little Fingers has had to be the highlight for me!...

GP: What’s the big picture for the Lucky Ones? Or is it a punk rock party everyday till it stops?
Stumble: We like to have a lot of fun in this band! But that doesn't mean that we don't take it seriously!.. This is pretty much our last shot at going out and living the dream!...We don't expect to be rich or rock stars we just want to be able to go out and see the world travel and tour and have it pay for itself and make some new friends and fans and have fun!...If we can be respected in the punk rock world and play to 200 people a night I'd be a very happy man!...Who know we'll see how far it goes??...

GP: Best of Luck Steve, thanks for checking in! Be sure to let us know anything cool happening in the world of Stumble Records!
Stumble: Will do!...Go out and buy the new Lucky Ones record!....

- Dan Langevin -
Stumble Records