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Danno O'Shea

Dan Langevin
October 30, 2011

I just want to say your show at S.C.E.N.E. main stage was sweet.

Danno: Thanks dude, always good to get home to play.

GP: How many bands are you playing in now? what are they?
Danno: Mostly just 3, My Son the Hurricane, Searson (Celtic girl group), and Lazy Bones (folk country). I've been lucky enough to share the stage with Jay Mascis, Brooks and Dunn and Great Big Sea within the last year as well.

GP: How is my Son the hurricane doing these days?
Danno: -truly great, the album You Can't Do This is doing well, we've been featured on Much More Music since August, and are going to be doing some work with Muneshine and USS soon. The shows have been awesome. We've been lucky enough to tour behind Juno nominee D-Sisive as well.

GP: How many people are in MY Son?
Danno: 13

GP: What's it like working with Jacob?
Danno: Jacobs a crazy guy, what you see on stage is the same thing you see off stage. Its great working with such a presence, I have to reign him in sometimes, but that's a good problem to have.

GP: You guys are edgy doing metal tunes and hip hop songs, do you feel the bands style and sound is evolving? into what?
Danno: It was supposed to be a New Orleans style band and that has morphed a little, we just write tunes and if we've been listening to Pantera that day they turn out heavy, but if we've been listening to Sharon Jones they go soul. Take the tune Honour Among Thieves, that's got both.

GP: Where do you see the band going in the next 2 years?
Danno: Just keeping on man, you gotta just keep at it, bands get run down. We're vibing it harder than ever.

GP: You've been touring, are you finished now? Do you want to keep touring?
Danno: I am never done touring. In the last year I've been as far east as St. Johns Newfoundland, and as south as Georgia. After this week Hurricane is mostly done until the new year.

GP: Where did this tour take you?
Danno: Last one which is a mix of two bands (hurricane and searson). Ontario, Quebec, NY, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, and New Jersey

GP: How are you traveling? Van? Plane?
Danno: Both, I feel like I live on planes. My morning breakfast is usually peanuts with an 8 dollar Heineken.

GP: As far as tours go, is there a Canadian district?
Danno: Dude, this whole country mostly lives along the 401. You gotta do your due diligence in Ontario, its where most of the bodies are. Having said that, I'm heading out to BC Soon as well as Eastern Canada, US and Europe.

GP: Any big goals for the band?
Danno: Hurricane is all about surprising people, making people wanna move. We just wanna be recognized for doing something out of the ordinary.

GP: What's being on tour with that many people like?
Danno: Ha its a pain in the ass, but its also like summer camp, at the end you don't wanna leave everyone. There's always tears (Nelson)

GP: How do you get ready for a show after traveling far?
Danno: No real prescription for this, Just remind yourself that even if your jet lagged or feel like shit or just drove from no wheres ville Iowa, that people are paying money to see you, you better give em everything.

GP: What big bands have you been sharing the stage with lately?
Danno: USS, Shad, Dsisive,

GP: Anything you'd like to talk about? or promote?
Danno: I don't always know what's happening in the big picture! We've got a new videos for pushin up daisies that features one of my heroes N.I.Gel from the Pocket Dwellers.

GP: Thanks for your time, it's great to see you busy and doing well!
My Son The Hurricane