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Getting Started

Julie JD
November 09, 2011

When you're starting out you're getting a lot of people to do things for you for free. It's great because you can get quality work for trading something you can offer. I've mentioned this before, that students are a great way to get some free help. Photographers need pictures for their portfolio, journalists need articles, graphic designers need web pages, recording engineers need artists to record and television/film students need subjects to shoot. Get my drift?

However, when you get things for free it doesn't turn out as you'd hope. Sometimes it could take forever to finally meet up with the person to work on whatever. Other times you don't know the kind of work they'll do, and the rest of the time they just don't come through. Face it, you're not paying them so doing this for you is not their priority. How do you avoid this without being a jerk? Well ever heard of the expression, don't put all your eggs in one basket? For this situation it means that you shouldn't rely on just one person to get things done. If you can, line up a few people to do the same thing. So if one person doesn't come through you have a back up. It can all work out in your favour too when everyone comes through with their offers and then you have tons of material to work from.

Having a back up plan avoids you from getting annoyed with someone when they back down. No sweat right? Because you have someone else that will help you out.

But students aren't the only ones who help you out. Being chummy with other bands helps you out too. You can discuss secrets, exchange information on good places to gig, and more people who will show up to your shows. But it's not all about taking, you can't forget to be willing to give your time and skills to others.

- Julie JD -