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Mutt Rock

Dan Langevin
November 21, 2011

We all know St.Catharines own Crutch! So catching up with the guys, I try to see what's happening in the world of Mutt Rock! Lets see if they've caught anything on fire lately?

GP: How’s the new album holding up?
Sharkey: Awesome people are enjoying it with much positive feedback

GP: Getting lots of distribution and new fans?
Marsh: Definitely! With making the htzfm top 10 in the 25th anniversary contest we are
amassing a great fanbase.

GP: How are you distributing your tunes?
Sharkey: At the present time we are distributing our cd for free at shows.

GP: Any talk of a new Music Video?
Blaize/Sharkey/Marsh: Absolutely! We have been putting ideas together for our first video. We are hoping to get out by summer 2012.

GP: Are you interested in a major tour? Or a minor tour?
Marsh/Peej: Absolutey open to both ideas! Why? Are You setting something up? LoL

GP: What would be the jackpot for you guys?
Sharkey/Blaze: Walking through the mall and seeing our merch being sold in kiosks and stores. Going into hmv and seein our cd for sale. Marty/ to see my face on a t-shirt being worn out in public

GP: Have you added any new fire tricks to the show? (I love fire)
Blaze: Not yet I'm thinking of something creative. Sharkey/ yeah he burnt his balls a
couple times. LoL

GP: What direction is the band heading with “Mutt” Rock?
Sharkey: Up up and yes you guessed it. UP!

GP: Are you guys writing all the time?
Lee: Everyday! The entire band has had a mass flood of ideas.

GP: Longevity is something bands have a hard time with, we see a lot of
good things start up and then disappear. How do you guys feel your doing?
Blaze: Now that we have reformatted the crutch ideal, things have been stellar. We have
never been tighter as a band and as brothers.

GP: Is it reasonable to think in long terms or just work with what you
have right now?
Sharkey: We are not disappearing anytime soon. Longevity is our game. We have never been

GP: Any big goals for the band?
Lee: Yes. We are currently in the top ten for the htz fm 25th anniversary concert with
the sheepdogs, our momentum is picking up at a astronomical rate. We are always
networking and are out there busting our asses to make our dreams a reality.

GP: How many practices are you doing a week/month?
Sharkey/Stingray: Usually 2 a week. During the better weather we are together every weekend doing our thing.

GP: How many shows would be ideal for Crutch a year?
Sharkey: As much as humanly possible. We usually don't turn down shows unless it severely
conflicts with day to day stability.

GP: Anything you want to talk about that I might not have asked?
Entire Band: We want to announce the newest members Stingray on bass and Peej on drums. Come out to a show. If you had a great time before. We are gonna blow your mind now!
Rock out!

GP: Thanks Guys and Best of Luck!

- -
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