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2012 - What's next?!

Dan Langevin
January 29, 2012

2012. A brand New Year, filled with tour dates, festivals, new bands forming, old bands getting back together for one more hurrah, current bands organizing, fans, roadies, car problems and getting lost, music videos, photo shoots, dance rehearsals, acceptance speeches, new instruments, merch, lighting and performing gear, cheering, laughter, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Iíve been doing this for six years now, and after this winter I know Iím going to be pumped for all the projects and shows. If you cats are anything like me your sitting around with a flood of ideas you want to put into action. So along with a slew of new topics for music, we are going to be covering how to accomplish your goals, how to up grade your shows, whatís involved with setting up a proper tour, what to expect from your efforts, how to cope, and redirect your energy into a new product that is representing you well. Iíll also cover merch and sales. If you have anything youíd like Game Plan to cover, please email the editor

Well thatís it, have a rock'n year. Hopefully itís full of what ever style you call dancing, festivals, intimate performances, campfires sing-a-longs, soul, punk, hip hop, jazz, blues, reggae, metal, funk, harmony, rhythm, piano, horns, guitars and pots and pans!

Nuff Said.

- Dan Langevin -

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