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Where's the Party?

Dan Langevin
March 24, 2012

To say that Game Plan has been quiet for the last few months would be an understatement. But that just means so much stuff has been in the works. Spring weather has thawed out the brains or our peers and projects and ideas are kicking in. I personally feel like Iím in turbo mode trying to cram summer activities all back in.

So what have we got to look forward to this year? Well along with checking out your favourite local band you might be voting for them to hit a Rock Search or Festival to heighten their popularity and the excitement. Or are you heading to one of the hundreds of music festivals yourself? I keep adding to my own list, and hear about more constantly!

Lets see how many you know?

S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival
Cayuga Festival
Hockey Fest
Hot Rod Hootenanny
Shazam Festival
Hamilton Blues & Roots Festival
Grape and Wine Niagara
Warp Tour
Toronto Burlesque Fest
Welland Battle of the Bands
Koi Festival
Punk Rock Festival Montreal
Friendship Festival
Toronto Arts Festival
Jazz Festival Montreal
Hamilton Music Awards
Any other Music Award!
Song Writing Competition Brantford
Project Pain Metal Fest
Bay Festival
97.7 Htz FM Rock Search
Barrie New Music Festival
Harvest Festival
World Electronic Music Festival
Southern Ontario Music Fest

Fwew! Ok so thatís barely even scratching the surface.. If you know some I missed please post them in the bottom because Iíd like this list to grow!

But come on, as I said thatís barley scratching the surface. You can check out any touring Mega Stars that hit our area this year! And donít forget about the many car shows, block parties, Pow wows, weekend garage performances, back yard shows, and free community events. You never know where youíll hear your next favourite band.

Speaking of checking out bands, on a side note Iím heading to see the Cat Empire today at the Pheonix. I checked them out once before and have a few CDís and a live DVD performance of theirs. I must say, if you like summer music and horns check them out. Any album will do.

Well that's it! Check out my other blog if your interested in preparing for a tour or travel.

- Dan Langevin -