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Daniel X

Dan Langevin
May 24, 2012

GP: First off congrates at the Music Awards!

DX. Thank you very much, kind Sir.

GP 1. Can you tell us a little about your self?

DX. I'm Daniel X. Belasco. I sing, play a bunch of instruments, engineer and produce music in bands such as Defence Mechanism, MDM, Glass Apple Bonzai, and a variety of other projects with clever names.

GP 2. Any new albums coming out?

DX. I actually just started writing new material and ideas for a future Defence Mechanism release. So far it's looking like I'll be following the Sci-Fi theme but making it more dark and involved. Not as outright cheesy as the last album.

With Glass Apple Bonzai I have something coming out in the fall. An E.P. of mostly whatever happens between now and then. It will be released for free online and on cassette tape. How retro.

GP 3. I enjoyed the live robots at the (NMAs) music awards, any more plans for robots in the future?

DX. For the stage show? Yes, probably. The intention has always been to make a big silly spectacle out of the show and have legions of people dressed up as robots dancing around. The two hardest things are getting the money to make the stage show a reality, and of course getting reliable people on board. Oh, and the lack of decent venues with the space to do that sort of thing definitely doesn't help.

GP 4. Are you going to make each album themed or do they all connect some how?

DX. I honestly don't know. Our first album didn't really have much of a theme, it was more of a collection of songs we happened to make all around the same time. But with the last album the theme and storyline were definitely part of the idea from the beginning. The idea was fun, the research for sample material was fun. Hah. I have a rather large collection of Sci-Fi movies and it was an excuse to watch them all. The idea for new material that I'm currently employing is a direct continuation of where Invasion of the Robot Brains from Planet Zero left off. So for the next release, Yes it will be themed. But as for in the future...who knows?

GP 5. You guys are really visual in performances, who or what inspires you to take your band to that level?

DX. Visual bands, and bands with strong live performances are just more interesting to watch. Naturally. Growing up around theater and being drawn to dramatic and melodramatic bands play a big role in the desire to be a visual band, especially live. And it's just more fun. Standing around on stage looking like you'd rather be doing something else isn't sending the right message to the people who are there to see you. To be entertained by you. You're a band. You're artists, yes. You're emotional, provocative, deep, lighthearted, trendy, edgy...whatever. But your job is still to entertain people.

GP 6. What band would you like to play with in the future?

DX. Some totally rad band like Devo, or someone amazing like Thomas Dolby, or Gary Numan. Numan would be a dream come true to open for.

GP 7. What do you think of all the different sorts of electronic music coming out?

DX. Diversity is an old, old wooden ship... Actually, diversity is the name of the game and I feel that Electronic music has diversity written all over it. Sure there's plenty of similar acts and styles, but if you actually spend the time to search for it there's all kinds of amazing things that people are doing with electronic instruments. Such a broad dynamic and a testament to the capacity for human creativity.

GP 8. Do you think its important to still play traditional instruments or can computers handle everything?

DX. It's not the gear you use, it's what you do with it that counts. If you choose to be entirely ITB (In the Box) or totally organic/analogue then that's what you choose. Music doesn't have too many limits.

GP 9. Where do you guys fit in on the electronic scene?

DX. I don't know anymore, to be honest.
Defence Mechanism is becoming less "Industrial" and more...whatever. "Space Synth" was one genre classification I saw used to describe us lately. Which I'm fine with. Where the next set of songs is going to take the band is beyond me right now. I guess on a whole though Defence Mechanism can be classified as "Electro-Retro-Techno-Sci-Fi" ? or something... I don't know, there needs to be less worrying about what kind of music you are and more attention paid to the actual music being made.

GP 10. Can you let us in on your plans for the summer?

DX. Writing new material. That's pretty much it. No shows planned so far.

GP 11. Where can we get the album or see anything new coming from you?

DX. You can get the album right here:
Our first album is still available through CD Baby as well, although the newest one is only available digitally, which is how all future releases will be...uh...released.

Thanks for taking the time to get back to GamePlanPros, best of luck!

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~ Dan Langevin ~
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