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Pro Behavior & Entertaining on the Road

Dan Langevin
January 15, 2013

Pro behavior? Is there such a thing? What does that mean? Well if we take into account our goal is to get payed for the gig or project your doing you'll want to know the basics of national professional behavior. Being in a band with some of your best buds can some times boil over into ruckus (my favourite) screaming matches (not for me) Hilariousness (I'm all over that) and lots of other events. The thing to remember is getting payed.

Melt downs during shows, profanity when things go wrong, making enemies at a place your going to be at for a short amount of time, damaging property, all really great ways to cause a scene or maybe get attention but not necessarily the kind your looking for the next day when your thinking things over. Best thing to promote is a good time, this gives you lots of areas to express yourself and promote who you are in a productive manner for both parties. There will always be some sort of wrench in your gears when you least expect it but remembering that it will happen is a sure fire way to handle the situations better when they come up.

You can never be ready for everything but a personal and group understanding of where your going and who your dealing with helps you in the long run. If short tempers are an issue make sure you have stocked snacks for the hulk in you. If getting lost irritates you invest in g.p.s (or old school map books) On the flip side if your dealing with some one who is difficult don't take it to heart they are probably having a bad day and didn't read this blog. So let them on their way and let the issue slide, besides your on to the next thing soon enough anyway. If you have the know how perhaps give them a hand, being a legend isn't just won threw Music or Art it's total connection people have with you over time and over different details and situations.

Anyway this isn't a book, so kick A$$, make a positive impression to your fans and employers, be yourself, communicate issues, and don't f*ck up! Ha!

- Dan Langevin