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Creating a presence for your band!

Dan Langevin
January 15, 2013

So your band just released a new album and your known for drinkin tunes! Guess it's time to hit rehab and then the papers?!?

O.k. some people will crash their plane for anything. But those of us who prefer not looking like a neanderthal, how do you create a presence for your band? Well Most artist are emo whether they like to admit it or not. Oddly enough the answer is emotion. Adding in emotions like excitement when talking about a venue or coming up gig will help people remember they will be having a good time on that day.

Making above and beyond promotional materials, will deliver a serious message in visual efforts. Hopefully you have some blabber mouths in your crew that doesn't irritate people. Send them out!!! get them talking to people at the venue, or to crowds of possible fans. They are your mouth piece and they come free! Of course you can always spam the crap out of people and use all the social networking utilities to remind people every 10 seconds about your gig, but I would have to remind you that just because some one knows about something doesn't mean they are going to go and expect to have fun..

Sending some online material for reference can stimulate the creative juices in your fans or would be fans, also don't forget that people pass things on IF it's good. So the better the info and effort the greater your represented to fresh eyes and possible employers. Doing this also builds your history of your band or artistic project. Over time having a good portfolio makes your efforts easier. It's like paving a road the first time you travel it instead of just cutting down brush and making a path. The second time its easy! (wheres my easy button!?)

I'll mention costumes and make up also, these can give you an outstanding look and a displaced point of view. In turn those can help feed your ego and or your persona which is always in development. Grab inspiration from everything (present, past and future), but remember the best examples of what your trying to do are working best for big names and big talent today. (The reason people say there is nothing new coming out.) So don't be afraid to be different but pay attention to details. Genius is always in the details!

- Dan Langevin