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What's in a name?

Dan Langevin
January 31, 2013

Naming something is always half the fun of a project or tune. This Blog is going to be short so pay attention. It's Fire works season! It's time to get the greatest fire work for your money! What are you going to buy? a. The Library Popper! $40 b. Tiny Tims Toot! $30 c. the 2 second lighter spark $25 or.. wait for it... d. The Double Hellfire Rockets w Super Bang Silver Halo and Sun Smasher Atomic Flares for $40?

You pick what you want to spend your money on. The problem is anyone of those could be great, but odds are we are programmed to get the one that promises the greatest fun. The name itself describes the emotion bottled inside and the expectations of the item being bought. So remember, rock and roll, or wither and die.

- Dan Langevin