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Creating Time for Projects

Dan Langevin
January 31, 2013

How do I get time back for my hobbies and alternate career.

We are really talking about wasting time. Wasting time is actually a shared event. Think of it as, unless your on a desert island, then your getting help being lazy or procrastinating. It's everywhere, clean up and have some one else make a mess, too many dishes, not keeping things organized, cluttered rooms, cluttered brain.

Here is how you can gauge how much your thinking about at one time. Look around in your different rooms and see how much stuff is clutter or garbage. Now imagine each room is in your head instead of real life. (I know this is a big stretch right) If we think about it on a computer level (for all the nerds) Clutter is like having many programs open and running and your brain is the RAM. That goes for project files also, the less organized when doing a project the more you search for things.

This might seem crazy but humans a long time ago figured out how to file and organize things, that's why they invented filing cabinets and utensil drawers and what's that thing called for clothes..? a dresser! Yes these are all time savers, tho depending on where your wasting it you'll have an excuse that you tell yourself.

Excuses are time wasters. Less thinking, more doing. Get the work done! If we are still talking computers and brains; Unfinished projects and incomplete duties are RAM bogging and hard drive hogging. Get old projects backed up and off your computer. Get things done around the house and off your mind!

Having nothing to think about can be very relaxing! You don't need to get away from it all, just get it all done with out adding more to your plate to feel needed. Then!!! Then you have free time!! Do projects, practice songs, get the gigs lined up!! Then get back to work!

So Lets see.. clutter = time waster, excuses = time waster, unorganized = time waster
I guess the last thing is, waste your time for real, on the beach, or on vacation for cryin out loud. Do it right!

- Dan Langevin