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How to take on BIG things!

Dan Langevin
June 20, 2013

Well not everyone can take on big things. Sad but true. However that doesn't mean you can't be part of big things. So really you have two parts to it. Taking on the big thing or looking for the big thing to be part of.

Taking on something big is obviously circumstantial. What is big to one person might be minor to some one else. So lets pretend it's something big to you. The usual thing to do is, research, research research research!! Fans research with out even knowing it checking on dates and artwork periodically. Performers research watching others, perhaps as fans in the beginning also.

Practice to know your skills, and compare with your goals where you are at the moment Mentally and physical career. Find your weaknesses if you want to be prepared, research how others over came their problems. Prepare for your weaknesses! Also have faith that you will make it if you prepare enough.

Once your ready you'll know. I tend to get frustrated and just want to perform! Reading and watching and listening is only useful for so long, when taking on something big. It's called pre-production. Realize when your ready and then shift to action. While in action take the time to see if your on track. Ask others what they think. Ask professionals at all points in your "Big Thing" to get working references to the subject your taking on.

Other people make things easier. You might not actually understand how easy it is till you've exhausted yourself and come back for help. Don't worry that's the moment things become easy again. Pace yourself for it taking longer then it should, if it's your first time. Don't get frustrated and quit, take a break!! Or even a day off is good if you can schedule it.

This some times means a 'year' off of the topic or subject. if your really passionate about it it will come back to you and you'll have learned a lot on the topic possibly with out even realizing it.

Our lives are long so compare how long big things take for others. Sometimes we are disconnected with reality and set our goals to let ourselves down. Completion is the actual goal of any big thing. Completion comes from team work, good pacing, over coming obstacles, and good budgeting. If your lucky enough to add in wisdom to your knowledge you just might have a good time doing it too.

Starting small and accomplishing things on a daily basis is a good way to exercise your ego. Feel good about accomplishing small things so you won't get discouraged when doing something "BIG". Anyway never give up and you'll make it. I could be wrong but you'd give up before me trying to prove it.

- Dan Langevin