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Working with a Great Attitude!

Dan Langevin
June 27, 2013

As Canadians we are taught to be humble and to make due with what you have, this is to make you strong and adaptable. While trying to over come the odds how ever you will be forced to work with all sorts of people. However one day, you'll wake up and begin to HEAR things differently. And so begins the realization of "Negative" communication, or the "Time" wasters as they're also known as!

Productivity has a direction and that direction is fueled by idea, energy and communication. So what do you hear everyday? Positive thoughts or negative thoughts when it comes to the talent your trying to explore into a career or at least move up to a respected status in your life.

I know we've all heard this before but replacing words is a simple way to improve your attitude and faith in your abilities and also strengthen your ability to respond, commit and succeed.

Words such as "I should or I could do this" can be switched to "I will" or "Let's do this NOW", these type of words increase the action time to NOW. Thus turning potential energy and thoughts into an action that can be accomplished immediately. Now there are lots of people who hold onto an idea for a long time, but be aware that ideas have expiry dates and then have to be waited on like a train to come around again.

Getting off your ass to do the thing your thinking of is the clear path to getting things done. If some one else says to you, Why? Or maybe later? You should remind yourself that you can make any schedule you want and others might not always like it, but that's what moves you to the front of the pack. Being able to execute makes you VALUABLE and moves all your talents forward.

Of course having some one question things isn't a bad thing either, they could be solving a future problem from their vantage point or dividing the crews into more applicable people for each task. So stay calm when negative things happen but remember to put that spin on them so your heading in the right direction again.

Confronting people about being negative is a great way to promote self awareness. Others might want to do the project but are lacking the faith and knowledge you have in your self. In this situation it's best to just take control and Vito all negative thoughts that come from being green/new. Be courageous and aware and believe in yourself!

Well good luck to you, your peeps and projects! Stay focused and committed to your talents! Higher productivity will follow.

~ Dan Langevin