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the Barnhart Blog

Joel Barnhart
November 23, 2010

St. Catharines, and in fact, the entire Niagara region, is sort of a unique place to live. Weíre surrounded by two great lakes, and the escarpment, giving us a rather unique climate. Weíre known largely for our grapes and wine, and in fact, we even have a festival named after those very things. Also of note is the fact that during the 1800ís St. Catharines played a big role in abolitionism, being the final stop in the Underground Railway that helped free African slaves. But you know what else is unique about St. Kitts?


Iíve lived in several different cities, and never have I seen a local music scene in a town the size of St. Catharines that is as diverse and dynamic as ours. A lot of the cities Iíve been to, the local scene consists largely of one genre, and cover bands. Thatís not to say weíre without our share of cover bands, but we offer a large variety of original music as well, with bands and artists like Cuntscumb, Rudy Quazar, Terrorist, LMT Funk Connection, Lily Nazar performing in genres ranging from hip hop to punk, from funk to metal, to Jazz. From the city that produced Neil Peart, Walter Ostanek, and Alexisonfire, and has a yearly music festival that covers the entire downtown, this shouldnít be a surprise.

Good things are happening in St. Catharines, and Iím glad Iím here for it.

Joel Barnhart